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The Bridge to Gravina
By Joe Branco


June 03, 2005

What can we say? It is a complicated issue easily argued from simplistic vantage points both for and against the project. Alaska is a young state in our great country. The bridge is certainly a ridiculous expense to a bigoted curmudgeon in Tennessee. However, since joining the Union in 1796, Tennessee has cost the United States substantial amounts in transportation construction projects that, at the time, seemed unnecessary to folks in New York and Philadelphia. The truth is, it is Alaska s turn to grow and develop. Transportation development is a natural and necessary part of this maturing and growing. After years of neglect from our federal government, Alaska is starting to receive some return on federal taxes paid for half a century. Transportation planning must look to the future, not the present. While I personally would rather have a road of this rock to the mainland, rather than to another rock, I see the potential value to the community and to the state this new construction presents.

We all have our favorite concept of our hometown and nostalgic routines that help us define our daily existence. However, growth, expansion, and change are a part of life in America, and generally a welcome element of a thriving economy. This bridge is a natural step in our community s progression. While, clearly some other projects would have made more sense first, this construction would have been necessary regardless. So let s welcome our growth with open arms and remind the other states in our union that Alaska has not been given the occasion to build a legitimate transportation system until this point. Alaska is still a baby in our country a 50 lb newborn suffering from a mild case of neglect and disdain from our family down south.

If the lower 48 think Alaska is such a waste of resources, perhaps we could take our oil, our lumber, our fish, and our independent citizens and secede!

That is my opinion. And by the way I actually live in Ketchikan! I guarantee Don Hoff's master argument will be that I am a racist. So be prepared everyone!

Joseph Branco
Erin go bragh
Mama mia ciaio
Danke schon
Taks ga da
Of the Branco familia from Italy
And the Sorlien horde in Norway
And the Fadigan brood of Ireland
And the Scottish clan of Dunne
11th generation decendant of Torvald the Viking
15th generation decendant of Luigi the baker of Napoli
Ketchikan, AK - USA

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