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Bill Requiring CO Detectors Signed by Governor


June 16, 2004

Palmer, Alaska - Governor Frank Murkowski on Tuesday signed into law HB 351, which requires the placement of carbon monoxide detection devices in certain qualifying dwelling units, which include residences that have carbon-based fueled appliances or attached garages. The bill, sponsored by Palmer Rep. Carl Gatto, should help to curb the high incidence of deaths from carbon monoxide deaths.

"Carbon monoxide is the number one cause of poisoning in the United States," Murkowski said, "and Alaska has the highest per capita carbon monoxide death rate in the nation. Alaskans are often in the presence of a heat source or engine that produces carbon monoxide. For example, when we heat our homes, when we drive our vehicles, and even when we are recreating in boats, or cabins with wood or oil stoves, we are near a source of carbon monoxide."

Murkowski said, "The source of a potentially fatal poisoning from carbon monoxide can be as simple as an improperly drafting wood stove or by accidentally engaging the auto start mechanism on a car," Murkowski said. "Just as smoke detectors have saved lives, putting carbon monoxide detectors in homes will save lives, too. I am pleased to be able to sign this bill today."


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