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No Prosperity Zone
by Thomas Ferry for the Newtown Development Group


June 30, 2004

Apparently, Mayor Weinstein and Carl Amylon are doing everything possible to make sure that there is no prosperity north of the tunnel. Why don't they just post a sign that says "No Prosperity Zone"?

The fact is that only a handful of people want the new berthing to go south of Thomas Basin. There are over two thousand citizens who have signed a petition stating that they want the new berths to go north of the tunnel. Our leaders have been holding secret meetings with cruise lines, kpff, etc. - and the public was not invited. The fix is in with no public input. As of right now the new berths will go south of Thomas Basin where they will put out of business the largest cannery in Ketchikan. Do Weinstein and Amylon care? Apparently not. I guess two people know better than two thousand!

We hear a secret list is being circulated to the cruise lines that gives preference for berthing rights to any cruise line that signs up.

Mayor Weinstein, I can see that you don't like being dismissed by the Mental Health Trust on the logging issue, well now you know how all of us feel. Will you answer these questions:

1. When will there be public meetings on the entire berthing issue?

2. How much public support do you have for your plan?

3. Where is the study that shows factually how you can say that the northern option will cost more that the southern one?

4. Do you have all the cannery's full support?

5. Do you have the E.P.A. on your side?

6. How about homeland security and docking ships with thousands of people next to a volatile fuel depot?

7. How do the fish packers seiners and tenders feel about the big squeeze that will be put on them?

We have more than 50 important questions that need answers but would like you to answer these 7 in the next couple of days.

Thank You .

Thomas Ferry for the Newtown Development Group
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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