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Does Murkowski's New Jet Make You Mad?
by Senator Johnny Ellis


June 29, 2004

Dear Fellow Alaskan,

Have you had just about enough of Frank Murkowski and his Rubber Stamp Republican Legislature? You are not the only one!

Alaskans from Saxman to Kaktovik are appalled by the nepotism, cronyism and bully tactics that are the hallmarks of the Murkowski Administration.

We watched Republican legislators attack local control, public notice, and public process. Perhaps the worst was their going behind closed doors to punish a colleague for a vote of conscience that bucked the GOP party line against the Longevity Bonus.

Shame on them. Make no mistake, the stars were aligned for bad things to happen to our state!

The most outrageous was Murkowski's now-infamous appointment of Republican Party Chairman Randy Ruedrich to a position of high public trust on the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.

Over the strong objection of every Democratic legislator, every single Republican in the House and Senate voted to confirm Ruedrich in spite of the glaring and repugnant conflict of interest. You now know that Ruedrich was caught red-handed on state time using state resources to benefit Republicans. Insult was added to injury.

In sharp contrast was the positive agenda of the Democratic legislators in the House and Senate. Under our banner of "Putting Alaskans First-Moving Alaska Forward," we worked hard to achieve our goals.

  • Good Jobs and a Gas Line
  • Better Schools
  • Safe and Healthy Communities
  • A Fiscal Plan that Protects the Permanent Fund

As Democratic legislators, we worked with Murkowski whenever possible and held him accountable when necessary -- which was often.

We stuck to our guns, but that is not enough.

You know that politics is a team sport in Alaska and frankly, our team needs more players.

And now the good news. Great news, in fact. We have an outstanding lineup of Democratic candidates for the Alaska Senate:

  • Senator Bettye Davis - Education champion, history maker, conscience of the legislature. We must re-elect her to the Senate.
  • Senator Hollis French - Prosecutor, oil rigger, family man. After sending Dave Donley into political retirement, Senator French led on oil tax reform and the Ruedrich scandal.
  • Senator Donny Olson - Doctor, attorney, pilot, business owner. Senator Olson ably represents the interests of the people of the North Slope and Northwest Alaska.
  • Representative Albert Kookesh - Statewide Native Leader, attorney, consensus builder. The seat held by Senator Georgianna Lincoln must stay in the D column!
  • Mike Milligan and Mike Yourkowski - Two Mikes, one from Kodiak and one from Homer. Both come from local government and commercial fishing backgrounds.
  • David Landis - 33-year Ketchikan resident, Vice-Mayor, Deputy CEO of Ketchikan Indian Services, former Republican. Thoughtful, smart, and ready to serve.
  • Rita Allee - Longtime resident and attorney in Fairbanks. Together, focused and ready.
  • Rosalie Nadeau and Lynda Zaugg - Two strong professional women planning John Cowdery's retirement.
  • Gini Taylor - Former teacher, homemaker. Gini is ready to send Lyda Green packing.

Every seasoned political observer agrees that while Democrats are likely to increase their numbers in the State House, the Senate is where the real action is this year. And that's where you come in.

With your help, we can gain a majority in the Alaska Senate and bring much-needed balance to state government.

Your financial support can build a firewall against Murkowski's regressive agenda and the destructive actions of his political cronies.

Please click here to donate today. Every dime will be used for direct candidate support. You can help us make history in November!

Senator Johnny Ellis
State Democratic Campaign Committee Co-Chair

P.S. The bottom line: We need your generous support ASAP to win back the Senate. Thank you very much.

P.P.S. We can do this because Murkowski is the most unpopular governor in Alaska history and an albatross around the neck of every Republican candidate. Help us end the Murkowski Reign of Error!


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