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The Bridge
by Carroll A Parr-Mackie


June 29, 2004

Recently, I forwarded the "Bridge" article to several of my email buddies.

The first response came from a an upset Soldier, "DON'T THEY KNOW WE ARE AT WAR!!!"

I imagine, I'd be upset also to read of millions being spent, on something so "Frivolous" if I were trying to defend our Country.

We have starving people, people with no shelter, no medicine, and yet, Alaska is FIGHTING for money for "The Bridge?"

I may have graduated from Kayhi :) and lived most my life on "The Island" but, I'M NOT STUPID!!!!!!

WHO?? IS REALLY going to benefit from "The Bridge?" Has anyone taken the "Time" to see who OWNS most of the land on both of those Islands - even waaaaaaaaay back when?? Interesting!!!!!

Take Acrion and say, "Please use the monies to help our elderly, the sick, those w/o food and shelter. Buy Medicine for the people in Alaska.


Just because the money is there, do we have to be so "Thoughtless & Selfish" at a time like this?

Why NOT the old Coast Guard Station, "Pt Higgins" on the SAME Island where it should have been built (The airport) years ago?? BUT! WHO owns THAT land?!

The Gentleman, a Soldier, who responded to my forward "WE ARE AT WAR!!!!", prompted me to start THINKING and voice my opinion, which aren't we LUCKY we get to do??!!!

I wrote him back and explained how EMBARRASSED I was about "The Bridge" while his buddies are losing their lives in Iraq and that I do NOT agree with it at all. I do not BELIEVE they are over there fighting for a damn "Bridge", CAN YOU IMAGINE? HOW YOU WOULD FEEL IF YOUR SON, DAUGHTER, HUSBAND, OR WIFE WAS IN IRAQ AND ALASKA WANTS TO SPEND MILLIONS ON "A BRIDGE"??

The State can do so much more, for so many more. Let's be The Proud Alaskan's that we are known for and not be embarrassed anymore.

Carroll A Parr-Mackie

Rebton, WA - USA



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