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Swede Risland
by Jane Davidson Malik


June 26, 2004

Thanks for the wonderful article about Swede Risland. He was a good friend of my dad, Floyd Davidson. And he made a pre-adolescent girl of 12 feel like queen of the world. He gave me my first earrings -- five-pointed crystal stars that he bought in San Francisco! Wow! I still wear them on special occasions.

My family moved from Ketchikan in 1962, but in the late '70's or early '80's a call came to my folk's house from a man here in Virginia. He just wanted to connect with my dad because Swede had helped his daughter in Ketchikan. When asked what the family could do in return, Swede said to call his friend Floyd. Swede worked his wonders for many years and keeps a place in our hearts even now, so many years and mile away.

Rest in peace, Swede!

Jane Davidson Malik
Alexandria, Virginia - USA


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