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Protecting American Workers in the Middle East
by Kevin McMahon


June 23, 2004

I suggest that our country immediately consider having all American workers, Military personnel and U.S. citizens who must be stationed in Iraq and the Middle East - have a special chip type technology (Emergency Locating Transmitter) device - implanted inside and under the human skin of all persons that must perform work in these dangerous areas of the world. I believe this technology exists today and can be implemented immediately and highly successfully to protect and rebuild American workers confidence that in the unfortunate event they fall victim and are captured by terrorist thugs, there may be a logical possible good chance there whereabouts can be located, found and rescued before serious harm could be done to them. Also the terrorist kidnappers will be located with possession of the victim an could be caught or killed...

I hope this idea will provide some help to this most serious new threat facing the world...

Kevin McMahon
Northport, Long Island, NY - U.S.A.



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