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Constitutional right
by Brandi Conway


June 22, 2004

Mr.Hoff, I will always respect another's point of view even if it differs from mine. I understand where you are coming from too. I believe the people of the world don't think about what will happen when all natural resources are gone because we failed to conserve them. I am not for wiping out anything to extinction. I do however see nothing wrong with cutting down old trees that are almost 400 years old. What good is the tree if you can not use it? Yes I know we get oxygen from trees and it helps filter the air - stuff like that, but so can the newer trees. Now as for the whole SeaAlaska share holders stuff, I am not a member of SeaAlaska so I don't feel its my right to comment upon how things are done there.

I agree to an extent about the tourism being a god send to fall back on. I fail to see, other than benefiting from the sale taxes on the items that they purchase, how we benefit from tourism. Can someone please show me where we actually benefit from tourism? If anyone hasn't notice that the downtown area is made up of mostly jewelry stores owned or worked by seasonal workers. These people don't spend all year here - they stay as long as the tourism season is open, then leave when the season ends going on to the next place they have stores to work. So I can not see how we benefit much from tourism. Plus it won't be long before some environmentalist group finds something wrong or unsafe for the environment about tourism and has that shut down to.

I know I am bitter about them, but that is my constitutional right though, isn't it?

As far as the Veneer Mill being reopened, I have no objections if the area is safe too work and is free of the deadly or toxic pollutants. So if its safe, I say go for it,but if it's not then stay away from there (until it's cleaned and safe to work at). Oh and if they do open the the Mill make sure they follow guidelines to keep the place cleaned up and safe to work at. I am sure its not totally hard to do.

Well again thanks for listening to one of my's been a pleasure.

Brandi Conway
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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