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Work on one project at a time
by Archie Inoncillo


June 22, 2004

Do not put the students in the rec center.

I know that is a selfish little statement but (speaking to the people who are making these decisions) it's your fault that we're all in this mess. I know it is not easy and that the renovation of Schoenbar and all that took a little longer and costs a little more than expected. But if ya just had done it when you were supposed to it would've been all right.

Putting students in the rec center would be bad for business. I think they figure "well, hardly anyone goes to the rec center much anyway so we might as well use up their space." That's how I figure they are seeing this as. I really do not approve of them doing such a thing. It takes away from the community's remaining "Things To Do and Places To Go To". I really do not think it's for the best.

They say they are taking away the racquetball courts and the aerobics rooms and the gymnasium? Not wise for those who come on their only times to be off work to find students studying in their place for recreation. I mean, there's hardly anything for us young people to do here anyway. I know I complain that young people don't get off their butts and do something because they complain about nothing to do, but our rec center is some place that there IS for young people to go to. Provided I don't see too many teens working out in the rooms upstairs, walking the track, or playing racquetball, but still. - the building in general is just safe haven to keep us kids "off the street"

Where has all the money for these new renovations and buildings gone? If we had the money to do such things why haven't things been done already? I hear that Schoenbar will not be done until 2005. How I feel sorry for the youth that do not get to experience middle school like it should've been. They are missing out on a chance to make their transitions from a one-teacher class to moving out and about in the hustle and bustle of a pre-teen life. I feel that middle school is the place where kids really do start defining themselves as young people. They become active in such social scenes as clubs and student government. It's a preparation for the more real aspects of being in high school and what not.

With Schoenbar 8th grade being in the high school this past year, I don't think was much of a fairness to all those young people who were hoping to be in their own building, riding the bus and going to a place where it is their own for 2 years or so.

Putting them in the high school I think was a negative effect really. It seemed to me that some students would be pushed to grow up a little too fast for their own good, having them interact with high schoolers. You know how impressionable some young people are at that age. They want to be cool so they change their entire image and aspect on things to be with people who they think are worth hanging around-- it's my definition of "social chameleons". A friend has a different definition but that's beside the point.

You get these kids to grow up too fast and they'll wear themselves out too quickly as well. We don't want to expose them too much to the dramas that go on in high school because they need a chance to develop their own scene. If they wanted to get into the high school scene they'd have to wait until they're in high school. I think it is unfair of me to say that high schoolers shouldn't be influencing the middle schoolers like that but I mean, there's so much negative reinforcement with social scenes like that where it is like "you have to do THIS to be cool". There is still a lot of that going on.

Without that middle school setting, it doesn't give such young people a chance to grow their own independence, without influence of such older people positive or negative. So get that school done ASAP! I just feel bad for the ones who don't get to experience middle school like it should've been.

I know Ketchikan is going through a very tough time financially and stuff, but I say WORK ON ONE PROJECT AT A TIME, at this point being Schoenbar as one top priority.

Anyway thanks for your time. I hope that helps give a view on my points at least. Even though I am a graduated senior doesn't mean I don't care about what happens here. *laughs* Thanks a bunch Ketchikan.

Archie Inoncillo
Ketchikan, AK - USA


I want to retract part of my statement about not completely using the rec center and all that...

Just the part about not using it... I would rather they not use it... but if it is... I hope it be a very justified compensation. Anyway thank you.



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