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RE: Where are all the crab?
by Ken Lewis


June 09, 2004

Ms. Dahl, your empty pot story triggers a sea story told to me by a co-worker. He said, and I believe it was last hunting season, after dropping some pots in the Helm Bay area; they kept getting undersized crab with pinchers removed, lots of them! There may be a market for pincher/claws or we may have local crab suffering from some self mutilation syndrome.

My co-worker is 50ish and lived here his whole life; he had never seen such a thing. After reporting to Fin and Feather the facts, and expressing a theory of a humans shaking those crabs back in the bay minus the pinchers, he was told they could not act upon this theory without 8 by 10 glossy photos of a human actually doing such a thing.

One thing is for sure, whether those crabs were self mutilating themselves due to a perfect body image or humans pulled the claws, those crab had a difficult time feeding themselves since his sea story. My co-worker is often times just full of crab-p any way. Thought I would share this with you.

Ken Lewis
Ketchikan, AK- USA


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