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RE: Wanting to know
by Archie Inoncillo


June 08, 2004

In response to Karen Galloway's piece about the police allegedly talking about the young people they bust, I have not ever really figured that they did that. I am asking you (Karen Galloway) if you have overheard any police or dispatchers actually going into conversation about people they bust? From what you informed us of, I'm assuming that you have.

In any case, when people are booked, isn't that supposed to be in confidence anyway? Granted, those public records go into the newspaper anyway but names for minors are usually left out unless they are over 18 - I think? I'm probably wrong - I don't know.

Okay here's the deal. Ketchikan is a small town. Word spreads fast, whether we like it or not. I am very sure that police and personnel are not supposed to be talking about their busts in public like with specific names. I know that when officers used to speak to us in class, they said that they busted a teenager, not naming whom, and what that person did and how they responded to it. I agree that if they are speaking about the specific people in public it is not right, but it happens, and it should probably stop, but it's not a rumor if it's true.

And hmm... I guess on that note, I have a few friends who have radio scanners in their houses and they can pick up police reports and stuff anyway. So yeah, they could be the people spreading more rumors than the actual cops. I'm just saying, that's my viewpoint on it. I just wanted to get clarity in what you were saying.


Archie Inoncillo
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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