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Wanted, Native leadership...
by Caroline Luckey


June 05, 2004

Wanted, Native leadership that aspire to embody traditional values. Leaders that will promote pride in our traditions, guide us to achieve self-sufficiency, respect our independency of mind, and provide courage to defend our lands and rights?

I implore all Natives who have influence to lead our tribe to preserve our tribe as an indigenous tribe that protects and promotes our traditions as a people to come forward and guide us.

The following words are to inspire our true leaders to reveal themselves. "The collective struggle for indigenous self-determination is truly a fight for freedom and justice. Yet the nobility of the cause does not make life any easier. Amid the seemingly perpetual conflict that comes with defending our ideals, there is confusion, dysfunction, and sometimes despair. Sometimes it seems we have lost our way, ant then the confusion, our goal, we wander a forest of frustration living inauthentic lives that make us easy prey for those who would enslave us. Such times constitute crises, and we are in the midst of one today." Taiaiake Alfred Peace Power Righteousness

It is my belief that our Tribal government is infected with European traditions. We need to return to our own ethnic traditions. Robert's rules of order will not correct these disputes, mutual respect and a cease-fire is needed. Circling the wagons is no longer a tactic that is needed much less upon one another. I implore my Tribal leaders to appreciate one another, and to reflect upon ones own practices and to put energies in preserving what is needed of our community. Bury the hatchet and become allies. No longer is the threat to our traditions the European invasion. It is assimilating and not maintaining our individuality.

Please say no to cutting timber on Gravina. Please facilitate the teaching of our language and practices (i.e., weaving, gathering and carving) of our ancestors without it costing thousands of dollars. Please promote respect for my independent thoughts. Please do not alienate our Tribe by continuing to expose our process of government to foreign criticism. Please advocate safety from, physical harm, threats and intimidation for all Tribal members in all of our gatherings. Our Tribe is not so unique to these challenges. Let us lead the way in Self-governance as we have in Health Care.

Walk in Beauty

Caroline Luckey
KIC Tribal Member
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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