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Article about President Harding
by William R. Heald


June 05, 2004

In regards to the article about President Harding, and the stopover in Metlakatla. Mention was made about Herbert Hoover, then Secretary of Commerce, and later President of the United States. In the article it was stated that Herbert Hoover had a personal interest as his widowed Uncle John had been there and married a Metlakatla woman.

If this is true, and I have my doubts, it would be unsual for several reasons.

Dr. Henry John Minthorn, was 70 years old at the time his wife Laura died in 1916. He was a staunch Quaker, and was unlikely to marry someone outside of the faith.

Dr. Minthorn, died in 1922, and is buried in Newberg, Oregon.

He was also the brother of my greatgrandmother Anna, and also of Herbert's mother Huldah.

I have been collection data on this family for a number of years, and would appreciate any documentation on Dr Minthorn's marriage to a woman in ALaska

William R. Heald

Sanger, CA - USA


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