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White Cliff Options
by Bobbie McCreary


June 03, 2004

I sent the following message by email to Harry Martin tonight. For those who were unable to attend tonight's "open meeting" with the School District Board,

I commend the White Cliff PTA on their excellent thinking about possible other alternatives.


Unfortunately, I had another commitment and had to leave the town meeting early tonight. So here are some more "out of the box" ideas. (As I mentioned, I received feedback from two borough employees that pre-built, buildings would be too expensive....even for a 20 year solution.)

So, for one year:

How about Rob Holston's float camp tied up at the Dock down town? I understand he is pretty open to civic service ideas. Making the buildings meet code for the school district might be too expensive...OR it might make the float camp more valuable to him and allow him to donate its use to you for the school year.

I think you should see if the Taku or any other ferry or floating camp would be available; or, perhaps portables or modulars are being surplused from some other location in Alaska or Washington or British Columbia.

Can the District (Borough) buy in Canada? If so, you could get the exchange rate savings off the cost of some modular units, shipping out of Whitehorse? They could then be resold; perhaps to the cruise ship industry for offices and storage.

How about the seniors getting a grant to make the improvements to White Cliff; the borough improves WhiteCliff, the seniors reimburses the borough and the City gives the building to the seniors after this year.

These are my "thinking" out of the box ideas.

My heartfelt appeal, and I do not have any family members in the school system, just an interest in at-risk youth...

Please don't break up or move the existing schools, especially Revilla. We need to keep our kids IN school and keep them in a stable environment so they can succeed.


Bobbie McCreary
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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