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The Future Is Up To Us
by Tonia J. (Lahmeyer) Nebl


June 01, 2004

I am writing to address the younger generations of the KIC Tribal Community. Let's bring an end to the negativity so we may continue on a productive path. Let's be appreciative of all the positive changes that have occurred and keep moving forward for our future rather than taking steps back.

Madame President, I know our ancestors are smiling down on the accomplishments that you have reverently achieved for our people. I want you to know that the next generation appreciates your dedication as well.

I urge the next generations to support Madame President Stephanie Rainwater-Sande by not signing the re-call petition. Stephanie has the best interest of the Tribal members at heart. She has given selflessly by donating her time, energy, knowledge, and dedication to achieving better services for our tribal membership.

The KIC tribal council, along with Madame President Rainwater-Sande, continues to move forward each year. The current experienced council members have made a difference in continuing to achieve the goals that have been set. As long as we maintain a positive path the future is bright for the generations to come-our own children and grandchildren.

Haw aa,

Tonia J. (Lahmeyer) Nebl
KIC Tribal Member
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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