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Straining at gnats
by Myra Callahan


June 01, 2004

I really think the principle of control and freedom are what is at stake here with the smoking ban issue. People say that second-hand smoke kills. Why would I agree with this? Just because statistics tell you that this is so, that second hand smoke kills, but then you've got to realize that almost without missing a beat, there are usually stats that contradict themselves later.

Let's face it, whatever the case, the laws have already removed smoking from the working environment, people are no longer permitted to smoke within their offices and most work places have designated work areas.

I think if you really wanted to go places with this banning thing, I would have to say ban things like anger, resentment, fear and other caustic behavior motivators. Negative attitudes which insist that others agree with them whether or not others can follow your logic would have to be outlawed. Intolerance in the name of self-righteousness. I admit that I have been guilty of some or all of these, but maybe a law would slow me down!

Let's see, how many laws could we invoke in the name of others health? There's work. By my having two jobs, I may be depriving somebody of one they're entitled to! What about people who drive cars? Using up the resources for our grandchildren?

By the way, Mr. Brano, regarding your opinion regarding seatbelt laws - you cost the insurance companies - who then, in turn pass the costs on to us. That hurts!

My belief is that we are straining at gnats while swallowing camels!

Myra Callahan
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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