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Global warming or global hoax

By Rex Barber

May 07, 2019
Tuesday PM

The Pleistocene epoch (ice age to us common folk) lasted from 2,588,00 – 11,700 years ago. With in this time period large mammals roamed the earth, saber tooth tigers, mammoths, mastodons, dire wolves ,short faced bears, giant ground sloths, giant beavers and many more astounding and fabulous criters.

Most of these  animals died off roughly 12,000 years ago all though as little as 3600 years ago mammoths were still living on wrangle island off the northern coast of far eastern  Siberia.  Eventually however all these large mammals eventually did die off . The wooly mammoth did his best to hang in there but in the end climate change got him. Real serious dramatic climate change. Not an asteroid , not a comet and in no way was it over hunting by man. In order to believe that you would have to believe that a very small population of people (large portions of the world had no people at the time) armed with only stone and boned tip spears and arrows wiped out the vast majority of animals on the face of the planet. Modern man with his giant modern fishing fleets and high tech shooting irons haven’t been able to do that ! at least not yet !!! You do have to manage all resources properly.


During the last 800,000 years ago ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere has averaged about 230 ppm . 600,000,000 years ago it averaged 2,600 ppm 7 times of our current amount. Today it is about 400 ppm. The ppm of CO2 from the past is known from ancient gas trapped in ice core sample from Greenland , Antarctica and sea sediment samples. CO2 levels below 150 ppm most terrestrial plant life ceases to exist. Towards the end of the last ice age CO2 levels fell to 182 ppm. Just a common sense guess, but maybe this was the grim reaper of many of the large mammals of the last ice age. The low CO2 level certainly didn’t help.

Fast forward to the Bonze age  It was warmer than today with CO2 levels about 250 -280 ppm. Moving forward Iron age it was warmer than today with CO2 levels about 250-280 ppm. The medieval warm period was warmer than today with CO2 levels about 250- 280 ppm . Today it is colder than  any of the 3 previous warm periods and our CO2 is 400 ppm. The difference between the 280 is more than likely from are burning of fosil fuels .

During the last 3 warming periods spectacular advancements in civilization occurred ( Art, intellect, engineering , Government, law, medicine and war) All these civilizations have crumbled into the blowing winds of history and climate change. But the blowing winds of climate change didn’t crush the polar bears. From the time of there existence polar bear tracks could be found on ice or land back and forth as was necessary to adapt to veering climates. From the land they originally came to the land they will return if necessary.

After the medieval warm period came the little ice age 1250-1850. 1850 was when the little ice age ended but it started to warm up about 1695-1735. All this was going to happen weather man was on this planet or not. And without question our exodus from the little ice age started and ended before any significant CO2 emission’s came about from man burning fossil fuels.  And the odds are we will continue to warm with a lot of ups and downs in temperature but always with a gradual assent in temperature. Until we take the turn back into the next ice age. Along the way mans CO2 emission’s will continue to increase and may contribute to global warming but only fractionally

We are presently in a interglacial period (a non ice age) Interglacial periods last about 10,000-15,000 years. We are presently in our 11,000 year. We could take the turn down into a new ice age tomorrow or it could be another 4000 years. Wouldn’t it be ironic if mans contribution of CO2 in the atmosphere is slowing our return to a new ice age.  

In the end though man will do what he always has done , use the vast resources of his mind and adjust, adapt and over come to climate change cold or warm. The bigger question is can America maintain her liberty in the process.

During times of war people are willing to sacrifice many things including their basic human rights of life ,liberty and the pursuit of happiness in order to win that war so as to preserve human dignity and freedom for them selves and there prosperity 

Hence enters progressive rhetoric create in the hearts, the minds and the emotions, above all else the emotions of the soul something so dire and in need of immediate attention and action that it equates out to the seriousness of war. (Man made global warming) The only difference is this war never ends and basic human rights  life liberty and pursuit of happiness are never preserved or returned. 

One example of this rhetoric this virus injected into the marrow of common sense is the consensus that 97% of scientist believe in man made global warming. First and foremost science is not a consensus. Science is not a democracy.

Abu Ali ibn al Haytham natural philosopher of the 11th century once wrote. The seeker of truth does not place his faith in any mere consensus, how ever venerable or wide spread. Instead he subjects what he has learned of it into inquiry inspection and investigation. The road to truth is long and hard but it is the road we must take.

There was a time the consensus was that the world was flat. those who chose to exercise free thought out side that consensus often found there ideas turned to ashes along with there body’s after being burnt at the stake.

Today it is American liberty tied to that stake are you going to allow the progressives to light that fire?  There standing by with the match laughing !!! that people would give up there liberty, simply because of fear, fear of a building block of life CO2 . The food of plants and trees that provide are food and that stuff we all breath O2 ( oxygen).

3rd grade science class for all progressives. SUBJ: Photosynthesis.

The process by which green plants and some other organisms use sun light to synthesize foods from CO2 and water. Photosynthesis in plants generally involves the green pigment chlorophyll and generates O2 ( oxygen). IN SHORT NO CO2 NO OXYGEN!!!

Progressivism is an untrue path filled with counterfeit promises that it can never deliver on. They can not stop or predict global warming or global cooling no matter how much information they shove  into a man made model.  If you ever find your self being summed by progressivism go else where and think for yourself even if your wrong you will still be better off and  at least you will still be on the road seeking truth.

Thank you

Rex Barber
Ketchikan, Alaska

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