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Thank the Republican Party

By Norbert Chaudhary


May 30, 2017
Tuesday PM

I'd like to personally thank Senators Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan as well as Congressman Don Young for their unwavering and unquestioning support of President Donald Trump.

Without their support and that of the entire Republican Party, Vladimir Putin's hand picked puppet President would never have been able to accomplish the amazing successes he has had thus far.

Thanks to Trumps brilliant insight, we now know the media, facts and free speech are just tools being used by liberals trying to destroy our country and prevent our Great Leader from achieving his goals.
Fortunately President Trump outsmarted the Democrats by writing more executive orders than anyone in the history of the world!

With enthusiastic Republican support, Trump is doing everything he can to reduce medical costs and taxes for the rich while freeing the poor of the burden of having any health care at all - while still allowing them to become greater contributors to society by raising their taxes. Amazing!
Our Great Leader Trump is getting rid of useless public National Parks and Monuments turning them into productive coal fields, strip mines and oil wells producing massive profits for the patriotic billionaires who fill his cabinet. He even legalized the rights of mentality disturbed people to own firearms. Astounding!

And who doesn't stand in awe of the brilliance of our Fearless Great Leaders wisdom and ability to refute every single climate scientist proving them all wrong on this so called 'Human Caused Climate Change'!!

We should all remember to thank the Republican Party for putting the requirements of their Big Money donors before the needs of the people who elected them.

When you think of Trump's honesty, integrity, values and achievements remember it was Murkowski, Sullivan and Young along with the rest of the Republican Party that stood stalwartly with him as he worked tirelessly to fill the swamp and make Russia Great Again!

Norbert Chaudhary
Ketchikan, Alaska


Received May 26, 2017 - Published May 30, 2017




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