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By Joey Garcia


May 05, 2016
Thursday PM

Sorry readers I have been absent for awhile as I was inside the heat wave in my vacation in the Philippines. But I noticed a lot of changes lately with KPU although I am identified as KPU Public, Customer, enemy No. 1. Much to my regret, my honeymoon with the entire KPU is history. Never can a public utility company survive without the so called bailout, "gratuity et amore" from customers who do not feel comfortable with KPU's customer service people, or the way it is run by the incumbent managerial level lineup.

One time, I was forced to air my gripes to the Hon. Mayor Lew Wiiliams III. It caused my adrenaline to shoot like a shooting star with what the KPU Customer Service did as a DISSERVICE questioning the petty amount being charge to customer like a $17 charge for a telephone call if the reception of incoming tv signal froze; and a KPU personnel tell the customer to buy at Walmart their needed wire connection. I am a handicap senior who does not take barking orders from the KPU technical staff who seem to think that I am janitorial employee or a messenger at that. WOW!

I think those KPU service people including customer service people need to go to school to learn the basics of CUSTOMER relations, or FIRE THEM from their ranks. The domino effect of the new reshuffle of personnel just cannot solve the problem.
Or maybe, sell the entire KPU or either privatize it or let it be handled by the Office of the Mayor instead. Then we can expect as Customers to hammer out goodwill to erring uneducated staff who do not know their assigned job protocol or we can put the entire blame on the present and incumbent leadership who complicate things thus become ineffective.

SO, ladies and gentlemen, I am open to buy KPU if to lessen the burden of service to customers or to continue DISSERVICE as it is going on right now.

Joey Garcia
Ketchikan, Alaska

Received May 04, 2016 - Published May 05, 2016




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