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Dog Involved in Attack To Be Humanely Euthanized


May 05, 2016
Thursday PM

(SitNews) Ketchikan, Alaska - Alaska State and Wildlife Troopers based in Ketchikan along with the North Tongass Emergency Medical Services responded to the area of Christopher Road on Monday afternoon for a report of a black pit bull attacking a man. Upon their arrival 70 year old Jeff Rodger of Ketchikan was being treated by EMS for dog bites to both his legs. Christopher Road is located approximately 14 miles north of Ketchikan in the North Point Higgins area.

According to Troopers, Rodger said he was out for his daily walk when the loose dog confronted him on the street. Troopers remained in the area with EMS until Ketchikan Animal control arrived and removed the dog which was still loose and barking. According to information provided by Ketchikan Animal Protection, this was not the first biting incident invovling this black pit bull dog named Maddy.

jpg Dog Involved in Attack To Be Humanely Euthanized

Ketchikan Animal Protection Shelter
Photo courtesy Ketchikan Borough

According to a press release from Ketchikan Animal Protection, the Ketchikan Borough already had a case pending against Kasha Hamilton for her black pit bull dog “Maddy” for molestation (KGB code 06.40.020(a)). This case involves an incident which occurred on March 9th involving Hamilton’s female pit bull. According to the citation, the pit bull Maddy ran onto the public right-of-way on Christopher Road “attacking multiple children, biting and scratching two of the children.”

The citation for that molestation incident was issued on March 10th. Hamilton was arraigned on April 5th and a trial was set for June 28th at 9:30 a.m.

Based on the March incident, the dog was declared potentially dangerous. Hamilton appealed the declaration and an administrative hearing was held on March 29th. The potentially dangerous declaration was upheld. Hamilton again had the option of appealing the potentially dangerous declaration in Superior Court. She had until May 12th to file an appeal.

Once the animal was determined to be potentially dangerous in March, the dog Maddy was required to be confined in the owner’s home or in a secure kennel on their property. When the animal is in public areas, the dog must be walked by an adult, muzzled, and on a leash no longer than four feet in length.

On May 2nd, Animal Protection received the second and new report of a bite incident involving Maddy and an adult neighbor. According to information provided by the Director of Ketchikan Animal Protection Eddie Blackwood, Maddy was seized and is currently being held at the Pat Wise Animal Shelter under a 10-day rabies quarantine, which is routine in all bite cases.

Tuesday afternoon of May 3rd, Animal Protection Department staff served Kasha Hamilton with citations for failure to display a license, molestation, failure to confine a potentially dangerous dog and failure to immunize. According to the citation for molestation, Maddy “ran onto a residence across the street from the owner and attacked the neighbor.”

Also on Tuesday, Hamilton was served with notification that she had not come into compliance with potentially dangerous dog requirements and therefore the department declared the black pit bull dog Maddy a dangerous dog.

Hamilton surrendered her dog Maddy to the Borough. According to KGBC 6.25.010, a dangerous animal shall be humanely euthanized.

Jeff Rodger was treated by EMS at the scene Monday but refused transportation to the hospital. According to reports, Rodger did access care with a family member and received a tetnus shot.

Please be aware, the Ketchikan Borough does have a leash law. This applies to all public places including beaches. This applies to all "good" dogs too.


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