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By David G Hanger  

May 26, 2015
Tuesday PM

For all practical purposes the financial foundation of the government of the state of Alaska has been destroyed. According to one reliable source, who I am sure will do his own write-ups on the subject, the tax credits already generated by the oil companies are sufficient for them to avoid paying state taxes for any number of years to come. Kudos to the collective idiocy of the Alaska electoral majority who bit off on oil company propaganda and voted for this crap because you have not only voted to tax to the max yourselves, but even more so babies in diapers.

This is all the result of this change in tax policy. Do not be deceived by this nonsense that the reduction in oil prices is the cause of our financial problem. That is a damned lie intended to disguise for a while longer the fact that the bulk of your state legislature is in the employ of and represents solely multi-national oil conglomerates. They are outright traitors who have betrayed their state and their country and instead kiss the knee-caps of multi-national entities who in this instance govern our government and tell it what to do, and, therefore, govern us, too.

No American should be governed by a multi-national corporation and no state in this country should belong lock, stock, and barrel to a multi-national conglomerate; but that is exactly what has happened here in Alaska. Look at the arrogance of these folks. This good man who we have recently elected Governor tries to call a special session to address such things as school finances, and instead this bunch of sold out pigs declares its own special session to be held in Anchorage, not the capital of the state of Alaska, but definitely the capital of the multi-national conglomerates who are our new, but un-appointed and un-elected dictators.

Recall every one of these people now. They have already train-wrecked the state government and are about to train-wreck the whole damned state, so fire them now. Do not wait for the next election. Get rid of this bunch of sold-out curs.

Prior to this latest decline in oil prices, now pushing a year old, in the past ten years gasoline prices at the pumps down south have dropped to $1.35 for parts of two years, and to around $1.50 a gallon for part of another year. Prior to the year 2000 oil prices were rarely over $1.40 or so per gallon, which meant that oil prices were commensurate, and in all that time the state of Alaska was receiving lots of taxes from its oil fields. There were no major budgetary crises at any point in time during this period. Then along came this little creep of a man, Sean Parnell, who will still a century from now be considered by far the worst Governor in the history of the state of Alaska; along with this state legislature now vying for title to the worst state legislature in history anywhere. How many idiots out there ever elected to public office, or not; even dictators and their entourages; have gone way out of their way to destroy their own major funding sources? With the exception of Sam Brownback in Kansas probably none.

Consider the magnitude of what these sold-out, bought and paid for frauds have done. The latest report I have heard is a state income tax equaling 15% of your Federal tax bill will only be sufficient to cover 10% of the state’s $3.5 billion deficit. Re-arrange the math a little bit and what do you have? To balance the state budget would require a state income tax of 150% of your Federal tax bill.

150% of your Federal tax bill!!!

Last I heard the state was six to seven billion dollars short on fully funding state retirement programs. Now we cannot fund an operating budget. Any level of funding available without the oil taxes allows for a state government about the size of state government in 1965.

As it generally manifests itself the rich cronies of the governor and the politicians pay nothing at all, and what remains is not sufficient to feed a titmouse. Thus Kansas is bankrupt, and you can expect to hear of another round of financial downgrades in Kansas before the end of the year.

I acknowledge I may be wrong. I don’t know you folks up in Anchorage or Fairbanks, and maybe you are just a bunch of looney tunes obsessed with extreme right wing political beliefs and the idea that no government is the best government of all, or maybe you all have sold your souls to the multi-national oil conglomerates, and cannot see beyond your nose because of that. I don’t know.

Maybe you all thought it was a great idea to pick up the oil companies’ tab, and to tax babies in diapers more than you tax yourselves. Maybe that is what you all have really wanted all along.

But the little bit of squawking that I heard about underfunding of schools, etc. in Anchorage does tend to suggest otherwise. All of you who voted for this oil tax change allowed yourselves to be conned by a bunch of lying, sold out folks who have dumped all of their crap on your doorstep, and are tip-toeing through the tulips while you are getting kicked in the teeth.

What does this bunch want to do next? Ream the permanent fund, of course. Dan Ortiz, who I think is a well-meaning individual, and is our current state representative, comes back from Juneau with this wild-eyed notion that the Permanent Fund Dividend needs to be capped at $1000; that this is a compromise that he is even willing to consider. How incredibly gullible.

Last year the PFD was $1884, so what is being proposed is that every baby in diapers pays more tax than you do; pays more tax, so the damned oil companies don’t have to pay any at all. Some parents put that money in education funds; other parents need it to feed and clothe their children. The first thing out of these jackasses’ mouths is let’s impose the most regressive tax possible, to the point of even taxing babies out of their diapers.

We should not be considering first and foremost the taxing of people who do not even know how to talk yet.

But that is what these folks you all have elected are proposing to do.

And, you bet, I am showing them nothing but the respect they so fully deserve.

The choice is yours. I will adjust my prices accordingly, or re-locate. I am divorced with no children, and that is an optimal arrangement for tax purposes in the new Alaska. Generally, the Federal tax system taxes single individuals at a higher rate than married couples, then provides exemptions and child credits for the kids. But what Dan Ortiz, et. al are proposing is that married couples with children have the highest tax burdens possible, and getting higher with each new dependent.

That is about as crass as you can get.

Fire these politicians immediately. There is no greater failure than theirs already is. They chose to go down this path; they cajoled and conned you into going down this path. And in one year’s time, one cycle only, they have bankrupted state government so completely that any and all new funding conceived or considered cannot in combination cover the bill. Right now local government in Ketchikan is awaiting results of this latest charade up north before trying to figure out how to fund the schools.

Taxes are going through the roof, people, and they won’t be enough to solve the problem.

The remedy is actually pretty straightforward, albeit embarrassing:

  1. Recall two-thirds to three-fourths of the state legislature now. They are obstructionists, and they are all a bunch of damned losers; big time losers. They have already forfeited most of the primary funding sources of the state, and they have done so callowly and callously. What reason do any of you have to assume any of them are capable of making a rational decision now? Get rid of these corrupt idiots.
  2. Restore the old oil tax code immediately, and deny all credits allowed to the oil companies under this new code.
  3. Establish or re-establish ethical codes of conduct for state elected officials that requires in all instances that they recuse themselves whenever their employer or political financier has issues before the government.
  4. Fire all bureaucrats involved in designing this new oil tax code with the codicil that they will never again be employed by any government in this state. Such incompetence and such condescension toward special interests like multi-national oil conglomerates cannot be tolerated in bureaucrats any more than elected officials.

No, the Permanent Fund was not established so that a group of dirtbag politicians can come along, give the resources of this state to multi-nationals for free, then turn around and drain state reserve accounts via other nefarious schemes of their design. But that is what this bunch of corrupt pigs is already well on their way to accomplishing.

Do the citizens of Alaska have the courage to stand up against these people, and stop their crap. I am skeptical, and I await your pleasure. What are you going to do when you can’t pay for diapers?

David G Hanger
Ketchikan, Alaska


Received May 26, 2015 - Published May 26, 2015


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