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Myth: Man-made Global Warming

By Marvin Seibert


May 20, 2015
Wednesday PM

Chicken Little once screamed the Sky is falling! Now we have Barack Obama and his minions claiming the same thing. Mr. Obama claims that it is causing Rising Seas, Poverty, ISIS Beheadings and now Asthma. All you need to know that it is another way for governments to have an excuse to control people s behavior. What he won t tell you that this is just the natural cycle of the climate of the earth. Activity from the Sun regulates the climate, how arrogant is it to believe that man has any influence!

Now we have countries that are re-adjusting historical weather data to prove Global Warming is real. Fortunately these countries are caught in their web of lies. Recently Australia, Paraguay, and Switzerland have all altered their data in-order to prove to the masses that there is a crisis. Remember the leftist believe never let a good crisis go to waste!

Bill Nye the science guy is one who perpetrates the Global Warming scenario. I just don t know how a person who has a degree in Mechanical Engineering can call himself an expert on climate change. That is like Captain Kangaroo calling himself an expert on Australia.

Less and less people are believing the greatest hoax ever perpetrated to mankind called global warming. This has the leftist worried so now since they are losing this battle they need a new crisis to keep their pitiful movement going. It is called Sustainability . You will hear word more and more that anything we do is not sustainable. Remember the statist never give up no matter how many setbacks they suffer. The Environmental movement is the new home of the Communist movement. If you doubt it just look around and see how many things you can do without the EPA getting involved in some way.

Marvin Seibert
Ketchikan, Alaska


About: "Native of Louisiana and currently living and enjoying the beautiful town of Ketchikan"

Received May 2-, 2015 - Published May 20, 2015


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