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Re: U.S. History

By Derek Andrews


May 20, 2015
Wednesday PM

So yet again someone reads or sees comments and twists them out of context because they most likely have some dislike of an individual. Mr. Mateer did this regarding First Lady Michelle Obama due to her saying the founding fathers of the America were not born in the United States. He argues Ben Franklin was born in Pennsylvania and others were born in Virginia. He then concludes his findings with a quote from John Wayne to call her stupid.

This is rude and sad. Mrs. Obama was referencing the fact how all of the founding fathers were born in British colonies and became Americans through their own efforts. The Second Continental Congress officially adopted the name "The United States of America" in 1777, thus making her comments historically accurate. She then compares the founding fathers to current immigrants wanting to live their own American dream. I find it a positive comparison of how anyone from anywhere can adopt American ideals as their own.

People surely disagree with the Obamas and policies of this administration. They may feel disenfranchised by the general direction of this nation. However, calling people names doesn't solve problems, it only stirs up negative emotion which wastes energy. It would be nice for criticisms to focus on facts and offer solutions rather than just bashing people to make yourself feel better. Perhaps you could say the founding fathers started a country while immigrants are merely joining one. Then continue by saying you understand where someone may be coming from by thinking differently but how you disagree. Next wrap in some facts to support your argument and call it a day.

Personally, I lean conservative while Michelle Obama leans liberal. There are probably many things we disagree about and each feels strongly about in opposing directions. However, her words in this situation were accurate and appropriate. Furthermore, I believe she earned her degree from Harvard, she is certainly not stupid and is entitled to a bit more respect whether anyone agrees with her or not.

Derek Andrews
Ketchikan, Alaska


About: "Logical, Respectful Individual"

Received May 12, 2015 - Published May 20, 2015

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