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High School Students Clean Up 13,150
Pounds of Trash


May 03, 2013
Friday PM

(SitNews) Ketchikan, Alaska - Under sunny skies, approximately 550 Revilla and Ketchikan High School students made an outstanding effort in cleaning up various areas of Ketchikan in their annual Cleanup Day which was held on 23rd. After receiving instructions, some students walked and others were bussed to their work areas where they received their gloves and yellow bags and began to clean their assigned areas.

jgp High School Students Clean Up 13, 150 Pounds of Trash

Students are briefed before boarding busses to the clean-up areas.
Photo courtesy Jerry Cegelske

In the weeks prior to the clean-up, Solid Waste Facility Supervisor Lenny Neeley and Code Enforcement Officer Jerry Cegelske checked local areas where there were concentrations of trash in order to make the most of the time the students had for the clean-up.  Ketchikan High School teacher Joey Fama again coordinated the clean-up with Neeley, and received boxes of yellow bags and gloves for the students to use.

jpg Students cleaning the area between TSAS and Schoenbar School

High school students cleaning the area between Tongass School of Arts & Sciences and Schoenbar Middle School
Photo courtesy Jerry Cegelske

Five dumpsters or “cans” were placed around Ketchikan by Lenny Neeley's crews prior to the clean-up activities.  Gloves for the students were provided by the Ketchikan Indian Community.

Approximately 20 Revilla students made quick work of cleaning up under the Carlanna Creek Bridge.  Someone had made a complete mess under the Carlanna Creek Bridge with a chair, clothing, beer cans, books, beer cases, food containers and other items strewn about on the rocks.  Nick Farstad, AK-DOT became aware of the trash when on a high tide, material was floating down the creek in sizable amounts.  A quick look under the bridge revealed the trash.  Also removed by the students was a trophy sized set of large truck leaf springs weighing close to 100 pounds.

Under the Carlanna Creek Bridge
Photo courtesy Jerry Cegelske

The work of the students resulted in the removal of 13,150 pounds of trash from the city of Ketchikan for which they can be very proud.  It was not as much as has been collected in other years, but maybe that is a good sign that we aren’t dumping as much stuff along the roads and trails as has been done in the past.

Borough Code Enforcement Officer Jerry Cegelske thanked the Revilla and Ketchikan High School students, teachers, and others who participated in this year’s clean-up.  "You helped make Ketchikan a nicer place to live," said Cegelske.


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A culvert section from behind Schoenbar School.
Photo courtesy Jerry Cegelske


Students picking up trash under the Carlanna Creek Bridge
Photo courtesy Jerry Cegelske


The two students who work hard dragging the leaf springs from Carlanna Creek.
Photo courtesy Jerry Cegelske


A full dumpster from the Walker Field area.
Photo courtesy Jerry Cegelske




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