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Road conditions
By Zig Ziegler


May 29, 2012

Anyone who drives, or at the least, rides in a vehicle in Ketchikan knows our roads are terrible. State highway, in-city or borough ignored doesn't matter. It is not possible to drive anywhere for any distance without endangering your vehicle, any passengers, or pedestrians unfortunate enough to be on the shore of one of the lakes we call puddles.

Rather than gripe about it I think we should take advantage of the situation. How about a road naming competition that will capture our creative capabilities? For example, renaming Carlanna Avenue "Varicose Lane," or Monroe Street "Broad Pit Way." Perhaps we could help the state be a little more a descriptive about our highway by calling it a "Dieway." Remember the game "Which Lane Chicane?" As I watch vehicles careening around pot holes and ruts I am amazed that there haven't been more accidents. Given the pace of repair I am certain that more will occur.

Some of the standing water (ponds? lakes?) could support fish stocking. Maybe we could put buoys in some of them for navigation through the shallowest parts. Can you imagine the fun we could have with tour buses being boarded by the Coast Guard for safety checks?

Seriously. Our roads are dangerous and getting worse. They are hazardous to those using them and really poor marketing for our community. What good are a new pool and library if you can't get to them without an all terrain vehicle? At some point they must become a priority. How about sooner than later.

Zig Ziegler
Ketchikan, AK


About: "Navigating roads in Ketchikan for a number of years"

Received May 29, 2012 - Published May 29, 2012



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