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XKKF Activtities
By Lisa Lang


May 21, 2012

Dear Sitnews Readers:

The XKKF (Xaadas Kil_Kuyaas Foundation) or "Precious Haida Words Foundation" is the 501(C)(3) public non-profit in Hydaburg, Alaska. My name is Lisa Lang, my Xaada name is Ka'illjuus. I am the Executive Director for the XKKF. Our Board of Directors volunteer and provide their expertise to assist in developing a sustainable non-profit for the future benefit of our culture.

The focus of the XKKF is to communicate the activities we are providing and to seek support from those who are interested in volunteering or donating. is our website.


Beginning May 24, 2012, a Four Week Xaad Kil Technology Integrated Language Class will begin, from 6-8:00 p.m., at the Helen Sanderson Library, in Hydaburg, Alaska. Kuyaang (Ben Young) is the instructor. The notice will be downloaded at the site.

Xaad Kil Basketball & Language Skills Camp: May 25 and 26, 2012
Damon Bell-Holter, BB Skills w/Harley Bell-Holter Xaad Kil Skills
May 25, 2012 at 1:30-8:00pm Camp Begins 7:00-8:00pm "Culture and Success" By Damon Bell-Holter Day Two: 9:00-8:00pm "Self-Esteem & Success" Grades 4 to 12: Volunteers are invited to attend. Boys and Girls are welcome to attend.

July: Haida Carving Shed: July 1-11, 2012, construction of a Haida Carving Shed. The XKKF, in conjunction with the City of Hydaburg, the HCA (Tribe) and two church organizations will cut wood and construct a Haida Carving Shed. The Rasmuson Foundation funded a sawmill and woodstove in a community wide effort to provide a centrally located building to provide cultural activities in Hydaburg. Volunteers for this project will travel from Ketchikan and Kansas City to work on completing the project. Haa wa to everyone involved.

July 23-28, 2012 Haida Culture Camp: The XKKF will provide Hydaburg Haida Geneolgoy Mapping with Dr. Robin Wright, Language Class and Ceremony Class. The Totem Restoration Project will see three poles raised this year. The HCA (Tribe) is holding planning meetings and instructors (all voluntary) are encouraged to participate. Invitations are going out to dance groups.

Those are the XKKF primary activities. We are striving to leave our rich culutral legacy in place for our future generations to share with the world. Please contact me at either (907) 285-3666 or (907) 229-1540 if you would like to volunteer or participate.

Sincerely, Lisa M. Lang
XKKF Executive Director
Hydaburg, AK

About: "XKKF Executive Director for the Xaadas Kil_Kuyaas Foundation (Precious Haida Words)a grassroots 501(c)(3) public non-profit in Hydaburg, Alaska. The mission and vision of the XKKF is to preserve, promote and perpetuate our rich cultural legacy and share it with the world. "

Received May 21, 2012 - Published May 21, 2012



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