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Elephant in the Womb
By Jim Guenther


May 18, 2012

As I have earlier stated, I don’t believe that governments, either state or federal, have the right to insert their legislative dogmas into the reproductive organs of American women.  I would have thought that Ron Paul-Republicans would agree with me on this point, but it seems otherwise. Since 2010, when the Tea Party backed, conservative Republicans won seats in many state and federal elections they have introduced over 916 bills related to limiting the reproductive rights of women. Nine hundred and sixteen! These bills defund Planned Parenthood, require abstinence only sex education, and make it illegal for private insurance companies to provide abortion compensation. Some even limit access to contraception!  Where is the logic in that?

No matter where you stand, Pro-life or Pro-choice, you should understand that less than three percent of the health services provided by Planned Parenthood go to abortion related costs. The Guttmacher Institute, an international organization dedicated to improving women’s health issues, keep track of legislation which effect women. They do good work in many African countries and other third world nations. They do have ties to Planned Parenthood in America so, admittedly, cannot be considered apolitical.  But they make a good argument, backed by much research and statistical data, that these policies will ultimately harm America. 

Once again the GOP adopts a double standard here. How can they argue so forcefully against The Healthcare Reform Act for allowing the government to increase access to health care for many Americans, and yet argue so vehemently for that 916 number, the number of bills put forth by Republicans to intimately involve the government in limiting the personal health care choices of American women? I can only describe it as Romneyan  Logic.

Jim Guenther
Ketchikan, AK

About: "A proud educator who taught 25 years in Alaska and believes that healthy debates strengthen America. "

Received May , 2012 - Published May 18, 2012

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