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RE: Progressive activism
By James Dornblaser


May 09, 2012
Wednesday PM

First let me say “blessed be the opinionated, for they are true time savers”. No time need be wasted gathering facts, applying logic, or providing proof of your statements; just jump to a conclusion!

First, let me address the statement of “corporations are not people”. To the original poster, I say “You Sir, are wrong; DEAD WRONG”.

In our free market society, there are MANY company ventures that are beyond the individual investor’s ability either financially or risk wise. Going public on the stock market (a public corporation) allows for multiple investors to share the risk & hopefully the profit of a business venture. Nearly all of us have some interest in the stock market from personal investment or retirement fund interest, or just the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend.

Instead of looking at the forest, look for individual trees. You will find many of your friends & neighbors are stockholders either directly or thru mutual funds. They, Sir, are the faces of the ‘corporation’ & they are people!

Our free market system enables us common men to participate in our major economic system. I am not able to own a major corporation but I can own a piece of the co.’s I believe in & support. To say I am not human because I can not afford the whole enchilada, you are wrong!

I do not feed at the government trough, I worked all my life for my meager retirement. I am not looking for anything I did not earn!

“Nuf said, the rest of the “I believe” list I hold in similar contempt.

Jim Dornblaser
Thorne Bay, Ak.


Received May 07, 2012 - Published May 09, 2012

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