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High fives and other crimes
By A. M. Johnson


May 09, 2012
Wednesday PM

For the days following the removal of Mayor Jack Shay's official Ketchikan Borough photo and the ensuing aftermath I have pondered on the lack of reactions of civic members of the Ketchikan community. I wonder if the honor and moral obligations of civic leaders are being excused without prejudice by peers. I wonder what lessons on principles are being cast aside. I wonder.

The photo of past Borough Mayor Shay is removed by an individual without any authorization. The removal is noted by the Borough Clerk, Ms. Paxton, who later exclaimed that a part of her concern was the "Value of the frame". Without asking a Freedom Of Information question of Ms. Paxton, one has to assume that "Value" could be in excess of $35.00. Anything less seems cheap. At any rate actions of former Mayor Bob Weinstein, currently the local liaison for Senator Mark Begich, didn't come to light until the staff spend fiscal time reviewing security film and then had to "ask" the former Mayor to return the photo. Former Mayor Weinstein, did not deny the deed, however if the frame is valued in excess of $35.00 did commit a felony act of thievery. As no charges were made and the photo is returned in the liberal world the crime is forgiven.

The act of a non charged felony, if the value of the frame exceeds $35.00. becomes more complex by current Borough Mayor, Dave Kiffer, who apparently in an act of contriteness suggested that ALL of the past Mayors who served with honor and are held in high esteem by members of the community who are aware of our civic history, have their photos removed so as to cover up the "Hole" on the wall . Supposable due to concerns of victims of Mayor Shay's crime. So innocent past Mayors also become victims and the convicted Mayor now less of a victim to justify a non-crime by former Mayor Weinstein.

So what is my concern? I suppose it is a personal moral goal of being as honest as I can be. This principle was passed to my children, granddaughters and now my great grandchildren. It is a simple rule: "No shame on the family name." This and other simple rules of social upbringing" taught by my parents, particularly my mother. "If you tell a lie you have to remember everything -- Others; "Black or White" (before political correctness) and is it "Right or Wrong.?"

As I reflect on the action regarding the photo I wonder about the lack of moral value. demonstrated by laughing off the action. More so, the reference to "Back Slapping and high fives" by apparently criminal approving acquaintances.

If it had of been me I would have been embarrassed at being asked to return the photo because of the security video review, and would have felt some level of guilt.

I understand enough about political paybacks to know that within the circle of liberal local politics all is forgiven. It was heartening to read that Senator Begich's office would not have encouraged such an act, it remains to see if the Senator continues to condone the act by continued employment for former Mayor Weinstein.

As a citizen living of this small island community I will have the opportunity to come face to face with past Mayor Weinstein and he will know personally in his heart how I think regarding his actions.

As to the disposition of Mayor Shay's photo. I would suggest that the remaining honorable Mayors need not share in the disgrace. They should remain in their places of honor. I suggest that Mayor Shay's photo face the wall and on the backside (for everyone to see) state the fact that Mayor Shay is a convicted felon and list his crimes by name. This serves as an example of our good community who faced up to the fact we are human recognize there are those that may act contrary to community good. For those in the community who need to soothe the situation, include Shay's contributions as a terrapin, humorist, actor, etc. to reflect his "Good Side".

Good Lord, based on the acceptance of deviant lifestyles and moral deprivation by some current liberals Shay's criminal actions may be considered a community art form fifty years or less from today. Then those future liberals politicians can turn the photo around!

Ketchikan, AK


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Received May 07, 2012 - Published May 09, 2012



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