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By Joey Garcia


May 25, 2011

The influx of tourists docking along Ketchikan ports is something to behold and the brisk revenues seemed to give Ketchikan something to reckon with. I have observed, in my opinion, that dock stores peddling tourist crafts are not Ketchikan owned. Rather, it is sad to note that when the cruise ship season ends, traffic along Ketchikan ports goes to school youths flying on their skateboards, and OT's (old timers) stroll the ports with their leased dogs, children strolling with their folks, and what is left for OT's, again is succumb to the norms of high prices from stores, if they are open.

What I do suggest is that the City of Ketchikan will pass an ordinance for all dock stores to remain open a week or two in order for the locals to vie for tourists leftover souvenirs at a lesser price. On my part, I have taken photos so that Ketchikan will become a tourist city during winter time too. I have published photos depicting the modernity of our ports, much more for the 2012 season where the wooden planks at Port 1 and 2 will be rennovated, and other innovative features that can be placed to make a sign that Ketchikan is the Gateway City of Alaska.

Except for Totem poles protruding along the Saxman area, few can be seen when entering Creek Street. These are the Haida's legacy of the rich culture Alaska is famous of. The arc depicting Ketchikan as the Salmon Capital of the World is one of the few that the city can be proud of.

If the City can gauge that Ketchikan is only alive during summer season, there is no reason why we cannot make Ketchikan a tourist center during winter time too?

After the season ends sometime in September every year, why don't we open the ports for locals to show their wares, open all dockside stores, show to the locals that our city is something where revenues can be had even without the cruise ships around. Then, street potholes can be fixed instead of doing them two weeks before cruise ships come.

Why doesn't the Chamber of Commerce do something to have snow slides or a rec center to be established wherein enthusiasts from the lower 48 states can come instead of going to Vail Colorado, or Lake Tahoe via our ferries, we call local tourists.

Why doesn't the now existing fish processing plants open their doors for out of state locals to see how fish are processed, including the cannery of Trident too. And allow the carvers in Saxmanto show to the locals how their totem poles can vie for worldwide knowledge instead of that secluded place in Saxman; why don't the locals show themselves in cooperative sense that Ketchikan is alive in winter time?

These and all will make our city Ketchikan a well deserve name of what we really are the whole year through.

Joey Garcia
Ketchikan, AK


Received May 24, 2011 - Published May 25, 2011



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