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Deja-Vu-Roadless Rule
By A. M. Johnson


May 23, 2011


Well, Déjà-Vu on the "Roadless Rule" controversy. Nice to see Senator Murkowski voice her wonderment at the continued and long standing decline in the "Thread Hanging" timber industry.

Senator Mukowski suggest that if the Forest Service is not able to assure timber allotments to represent higher levels of harvest, legislative action may be required.

Senator, wake up and smell the rot in the continuing over reach of the Federal Government into Alaska and all States regarding imprisonment of natural resources which should be under the control of affected States.

Might I suggest two legislative actions that would benefit our Nation as a whole.

First, the Constitution of our United States expressly extended vast power to the States and restricted the Federal Government to specific narrow venue of involvement. As such, legislation by Congress to release ALL lands within each individual State not allowed under the Constitution. In Alaska that would be the various Military installations, court houses and post offices.

All the natural resources from the highest mountain top to the off shore International boundaries would be under the respective States for development or any internal activity.

This action would assist reducing the Federal deficit by Trillions over a few years while reducing future budgets amounts by Billions annually.

Second, reduction or out right elimination of various Federal Departments would be in order. As example, The Department of Agriculture is the one involved with Senator Murkowski's current concern. By defunding the Department of Agriculture, you reduce Farm subsidies (Ethanol) and antiquated grants or incentives to not grow crops freeing farmers to deal with their lands/crop decisions controlled by market dictate. Elimination or defunding would constrict the U.S. Forest Service as we know it today. Constrict in line with established National Parks. In the case of Alaska, Should the U.S. Federal Government believes that retaining Glacier Bay, Denali National Park, Misty Fjord, and other Federal; "Over Reach" holdings, the Federal Government be required to lease those holdings at fair market value. Other than those specific resources the Forest Service or Park Service would be restricted off State lands.

The State of Alaska with a active State Forestry department is well qualified, and our legislature intelligent enough to regain the control over the land and resource development.

They "Fixed It".


Ketchikan, AK

About: "States Rights advocate"

Received May 23, 2011 - Published May 23, 2011


Roadless rule threatens Southeast Alaska economy; Proposed Settlement Fails to Protect Struggling Timber Industry in Tongass National Forest - – U. S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) questioned U.S. Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell on Thursday on the potential consequences for the economy of Southeast Alaska of a proposed court settlement that would impose roadless protections on the Tongass National Forest. - More...
Friday - May 20, 2011

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