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By Joey Garcia


May 16, 2011
Monday PM

I wrote a letter to the Office of Gov. Sean Parnell in requesting his office on our Awareness of Drugs in the City of Ketchikan, which we considered the number 1 menace to our children, as well as the proliferation of drugs in any form and substance, which we believe is part of the citizenry concern to make Ketchikan a drug free city.

The Hon. Mayor Lew Williams III has responded favorably to the tenets of our desire in a civil contribution sort of, in fact has requested us to give his Hon. Office from 3 to 4 flyers so that these can be displayed inside the Ketchikan City Hall. Our request for posting these flyers in city post was not approved due to the city's protocol, we admired the Honorable Mayor Williams for his concern.

Going back to the response received from the Office of the Governor, I as a citizen was surprised that his office does not have a sort of governing towns or cities within his jurisdiction as the Head of the State. Herewith attached to this letter is the official letter from the Governor's Office for your editorial translation or advice. Or, is this another kind of bureaucracy within their office again for a small group of citizens who just want to contribute to the rampant spread of drugs in the City where we belong? To the Office of the Governor, they quoted that our issue, quote "is not important for them", unquote....

I am sure that in the City of Ketchikan, parents, employers, and school officials will surely endorse this movement, if published for your consideration, so that responses can be afforded to our meager contribution in either degrading drug "push and use" or totally eliminating this curse.

Thank you.

Joey Garcia
Ketchikan, AK


Dear Mr. Garcia,

Thank you for contacting the Office of Governor Parnell. The Governor appreciates hearing from Alaskans on issues that are important to them. Unfortunately, the Governor does not have jurisdiction over the City of Ketchikan or the decisions of the Mayor's office. If you would like to make a suggestion regarding state government I would be happy to assist you.

Rebecca Lien
Constituent Relations Specialist
Office of Governor Sean Parnell
550 West 7th Avenue, Suite 1700
Anchorage, Alaska 99501

PHONE: 907.269.7450
FAX: 907.269.7463


Received May 13, 2011 - Published May 16, 2011



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