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By Marcie Pungowiyi


May 10, 2011
Tuesday PM

I am writing because I am concerned that a Ketchikan trailer park may be possibly operating under questionable/ shady business practices. Earlier this year I was interested in purchasing a mobile home. I talked with several mobile home owners, who were selling. Both owners warned me that I would not get approved for parking space, that no one gets approved. I was concerned by the comments, but I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. With a good record, credit, & long term employment, I did not feel I had anything to worry about. I went to this local office 3-4 times during their office hours and there was no one there each time. When I did finally catch up to the manager, I filled out a credit check application & turned it in to the manager. I was informed that I had to fill out a separate credit check for each adult. These run $20 bucks each, which I did, but this bothered me because all of the information was on the application I had already filled out. The application asked for applicant & co-applicant.

I received a call back about 10 days later saying we were denied space because my Fiancé had a 72 hour DV on his record from 2 years ago. I did not explain to the manager why he had a DV because it was none of the manager's business; however, it was to protect himself from an adult who attacked him & his child. I asked the manager why that would be the reason. The manager stated nobody gets into the park if they have a DV. I was fine with the denial, however I was curious and looked up people from the park. Come to find out the manager had several DV charges, as do others. I accepted the denial without question because I was wary of the way the park was managed & the disrepair of the park. The next day my employer said a person from the trailer park called and asked questions. I was shocked because on the application it asks you to put your employer down, it does NOT say they will call them AFTER being DENIED.

Later that day a friend called to let me know the manager called and was checking my references! Funny thing is, there is no place on the application that asks for references!! The manager called my friend on her own and in NO WAY did I put this friend on my application! The manager also told this friend we were denied because he/she did not like my fiancé and if I got rid of him I would be approved! I was blown over at this point.

I called the manager and asked why references were called after the manager denied me. The manager stated because he/she really wanted to help. I asked the manager to STOP calling people he/she knows that I know. It is my opinion that most everyone is denied and I feel really bad for the people trying to sell their trailers because it's next to impossible to get past the credit check . Then the owner is left with an empty trailer, which the park takes over after the owner can't afford to pay space rent, or they move out of town. I feel like the trailer is possibly re-sold for a higher amount.

I thank my lucky stars I was denied because, after the fact, many people told me how they were treated or being treated now, such as: management has a hard time keeping records and will tell tenants they owe more, or forget how much they paid already and some people are allowed certain privileges and others are not. Preferential treatment?

I hope that all persons interested in buying or renting trailers use caution, keep track of all your records, make copies of what you give the office, get receipts for all money given, and be very carful about what you say or who you know.

I hope this letter will help protect families who want to live in this local park.

Marcie Pungowiyi
Ketchikan, AK

Received May 10, 2011 - Published May 10, 2011


Mental Health Service worker

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