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By Alan Bailey


May 10, 2011
Tuesday PM

I read with dismay a paraphrased sentence in the Ketchikan Daily News concerning my opposition to a line item 6045 in the Ketchikan Gateway budget which allocated $5750.00 for junk food, prepared food, soft drinks, hors d'erves,party goods, condiments, and a Christmas party for Borough employees with tax payer monies. It was reported by Mr. Miller that I was opposed to $2,000 food served to firefighters at meetings. That was not the whole story.

The line item includes borough employees who are not volunteer firefighters, and I stated that I was philosophically opposed to tax payer monies being used to pay for borough employees' Christmas party and "Junk food" when we have families in our community who are wondering how to make ends meet or where their next meal is coming from.

I would think the homeless shelter or WISH would appreciate a $5,750 donation. In fairness I was informed that the $3,000.00 Borough Christmas party was partially funded by private donations. I used an example of how in my state government experience the restrictions were such that if we wanted coffee, we bought it. I am not opposed to providing necessary foods or liquids to voluntary firefighters while they are performing their fire fighting duties. Pot luck always seemed to work for meetings attended throughout my career.

I am opposed to frivolous spending and believe I was elected to scrutinize borough practices as well as find efficiencies where possible. I welcome your comments at the Borough web-site.

Alan Bailey
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Retired State of Alaska Superintendent and Special Assistant to the Commissioner with 32 years of state service with the Department of Corrections.. Currently elected as a Borough Assembly Member serving Ketchikan area wide residents."

Received May 10, 2011 - Published May 10, 2011



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