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RE: Dopey Mushers
By Dale Albertson


May 20, 2010
Thursday PM

Well all be! WOW! Would someone please inform John that users of "dope" of this sort does not produce hallucinations? Talk to almost all street cops John, they would much rather deal with a person influenced by THC, which is the active ingredient in Cannabis, than to deal with a drunk. The person on "pot" there I said it, just gets the munchies and wants to lay down and go to sleep. Drunks are seldom non-violent, cause many accidents and deaths annually. I have dealt with both types hundreds of times in my many careers going back to early 70's, and the results have never differed except for the amount of violence one person can perpetrate on another when drunk. I have never in my long career had to deal with a violent pot head. Oh, and no I am not nor have I ever been a user of pot. I have observed a person on pot function and be a contributing productive member of society, and am always amazed, having been fed the same falsehoods you seem to have latched onto.

Many in our world use this "herb" rather than big pharma drugs, most of which are version of opiates, to relieve their pain syndromes. I have never observed any drunk perform in like manner, but have observed countless that believe they can. The "dope" as you call it will not in fact enhance performance, drunks on the other hand believe they are invincible to the point of not caring for man nor beast. True, it is a crime now to use this "dope". No argument there. Just get your facts together John and maybe cork the old bottle more often and let sleeping dogs lie, or run as is the case. Personally I think they are dopes for trying it. Are they just trying to not feel their hand freeze to the rail? Simply, it's not performance enhancing.

Dale Albertson
Pahoa, HI

About: "Retired Federal Investigator, Retired State Police Officer and just Retired."

Received May 19, 2010 - Published May 20, 2010


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