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Dishonesty and a Gallon of Milk
By Sandy Powers


May 18, 2010

Saturday evening about 6:00 in front of Safeway I witnessed something disturbing. A gallon of milk fell off a woman's cart, unnoticed by her, as she made her way to her car. Before I could go pick it up for her, a small white sedan, license plate FCL-561, stopped; the woman driver picked up the milk and then continued to drive slowly toward me. I called out to her, "Hey, that milk fell of that woman's cart" as I pointed out the woman who had lost the gallon of milk. "Just getting it out of the street" the driver replied, and then to my amazement proceeded to drive out of the parking lot and away.

I went over and told the woman who had lost the milk from her cart what had happened. Fortunately Safeway ended up giving her another gallon to replace the one that was stolen from her. But seeing this display of callous dishonesty just left me feeling disgusted. Small mean acts such as this make this world an unpleasant place to live. How much better if we as individuals look for opportunities to help others and to display kindness and honesty.

I hope the woman driving the small white sedan thinks again about her dishonesty and decides to make this right. She owes Safeway for a gallon of stolen milk.

Sandy Powers
Ketchikan, AK

Received May 16, 2010 - Published May 18, 2010



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