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Something's Fishy Here
By Terri Anderson


May 04, 2010
Tuesday AM

Just curious, I know a lot of people all over the country are starting to get a vibe, that maybe some or maybe a lot of our extreme environmentalists might be responsible for the two oil rig mishaps that have happened, with precision timing.

Shell is getting ready to start exploration in Alaska and all of sudden bang, 2 oil rig incidents within in one week. Sorry don't buy it.

Keep an open mind, these environmentalist groups were at their wits end on how to stop the new exploration. Well if they will ram a whaling boat in Antartica, which could have killed them and the crew members on the other boat, why not sabotage an oil rig.

Behind every industry shutdown, and devastated job markets, that put people in the poor house is an environmentalist group. Quit supporting these groups and spend the money on your family. Let them get jobs to support their terrorist activities.

We need to open our eyes, they are putting us in the poor house and making our beautiful country into a third world country.

Believe me, the environmentalist conspiracy theory is all over the internet in blogs and twitters.

It's time to take our country back.

Terri Anderson
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Alaskan resident for over 20 years"

Received May 01, 2010 - Published May 04, 2010


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