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RE: Hope this resolves the issue.
By Marilyn Catron


May 04, 2010
Tuesday AM

There is no need to asked to be excused for giving your opinion here Mr. Jarvi. Isn't that what it's all about? Viewpoints, Opinion Letters?

Anyway, "in my opinion" regarding this whole "issue," It wasn't all about Mr. Hanger needing to pay his bills, as you so kindly advised him. It was all about what happened with the KPU Customer Service employee who was stepping out of line as far as how he mistreated Mr. Hanger, who paid his bill regardless. Apparently the employee was making things hard for Mr. Hanger and the people in customer service over at GCI when he wanted to change his phone service over to them.

So I put my opinion out there after I read a few opinion letters from you and another person who told him to just pay his bills, like that was all it was about. I know there are many people in this community who can tell you horror stories about how they were mistreated by KPU over the years. So thank goodness for GCI.

In an earlier opinion I gave, I told Mr. Hanger something like "More Power to You," because so many people let others who are in certain positions of power get away with mistreating them.

Thanks for listening,

Mrs. Marilyn Catron
Ketchikan, AK

Received April 30, 2010 - Published May 04, 2010


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