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Re: Better management leads to lower taxes.
By Ken Bylund


May 04, 2010
Tuesday AM

Mr. Dial... always refreshing to watch an effective observer criticize the devil; amazing how the majority of our species don't seem to notice as the current pack of predators skim ever increasing portions of our potential and freedom while they promote some feel-good give-away described as another crisis by our news creators; they and we have been mesmerized, ignoring that snakelike stealth of career politicians moving us toward absolute social fascism.

That vision of " The Great Society" by LBJ -- Democrats and Republicans took over the SSI Fund and funneled it into the General Fund leaving a box full of IOUs -- now our Government borrows Chinese taxpayer's money and blames seniors for feeling-entitled, while those making the rules in our Republic have wasted that potential to maintain their addiction to aristocracy. The only reason government hates Mafia, La Cosa Nostra, other historical and current brands of organized crime... is government, like any predator, they curl their lips at any enfringement of competition.

Perhaps you might have some insight why law enforcement won't look up that hierarchical food chain at the immoral and criminal elements that lead them -- investigate them, and the free press, [them untouchables - please] most citizens are beyond trust of them, or the FBI, seeing burn out or performance decline via top-down lethargy, like the SEC, asleep and engulfed in a culture of selective tolerance, ignoring crooks who have captured their goal in life, that of self-congratulatory, smug, parasitic posturers weilding political power. Good sign is the Tea Party, good people have noticed and have the guts to challenge the problem.

Didn't miss that local nudge toward Consolidation -- feels like that in congress too -- Republicans and Democrats all look, sound, and act alike pretending to be at odds -- is this an act -- just a distraction? Most Americans believe it's better to have two gangs of thieves fighting each other than see them consolidate into one organism that controls the message like Gobels, then turn on those who are classified as fringe groups, bending the force of legislation to eliminate opposition.

It looks like the finest culture that ever existed is in freefall; how to choose an example from the most recent evidence? Okay - the $8.1 Billion [thousand million] Ed Whitacre of GM claims via taxpayer paid advertising, GM paid their taxpayer-loan off a year ahead of time, with interest. What is ignored is... the $8.1 Billion, paid was -- taxpayer money -- coming directly out of more than $42.6 Billion [thousand million] of TARP money provided to save GM.... this decision made by your government... extracted from us, the taxpayer. Would Benito Mussolini be so bold? Al Capone must be LHAO in hell!

It is hard to understand how we have sunk so low. Salute to you, Mr. Dial; your articles, the crisp logic, facts, and straight talk, unraveling lies, deceit and treacherous behavior in government, are appreciated -- maybe more citizens will uncross their eyes and focus in time to avoid a really bad winter? Feels like we've become conditioned, like Pavlov's dogs, to the use of $$$, the ones and zeros on our bank statement, the green paper in our purse or wallet -- we've been trained from childhood to think paper money worth something -- all is an illusion based on trust and the very real potential of that trust disappearing ends in chaos.

Ken Bylund
North Point Higgins
Ketchikan, AK

Received April 30, 2010 - Published May 04, 2010


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