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Freedom to Decide
By Preston Clark


May 21, 2009
Thursday PM

I am a Vet and I believe those of us who have gone off to protect have done this to give people the right to say or do as they wish.

I have a friend that believes that people that do not register to vote should not complain about the government. I am a registered voter, but I am a neutral. Those of us that have served did this so people have the freedom to decide what they want to do in their lives. I am no man's judge, but I do feel that some people do go too far in their beliefs that they do step on the freedom others have provided.

True, the world views Americans as the most "Blood Thirsty" people on the planet. Sadly, we have made a bad name for ourselves on the world scene, but that doesn't mean we can't try to do what is right.

Attitudes have changed over the years, many believe we have gone from the "Good-Guys" to the "Bad-Guys".
It is sad that we have not gone any further in our ways to try to view all mankind as one. If we haven't moved forward and believe we should tear this country apart because of who is President, then we have become that which we have always fought against.

We need to go back and ask ourselves "Are we really the "Good-Guys" or are we the "Hitlers" of the world. To destroy that which ALL races have fought to protect, then we must label ourselves as "NAZIS".

I am White and Native American. My 3rd great grandfather fought for the Union in the American Civil war and he was a full blooded Blackfoot. While his sons fought against Custer at the Little Big Horn with the free Lakota.

Do we really know what we want in this country or did we build it to destroy it?

Those of us that were honored to serve and still serve to this day do so with love for Mom, Dad & Family. We have laws and law enforcement to protect those we leave behind while we try to keep what we love so dear and near to our hearts. I am thankful for those that serve in the military and in the police department.

I was highly decorated, I have lots of ribbons and was honorably discharged, but would give them up just to know that I didn't serve in vain.

Too many people want to see us torn apart, if that happens, then we ALL lose in the end. Those that we fought against, will tear us to pieces if we allow what we have to fall apart.

Before we go and say "We should leave the Union", think of this, America is strong because we are United not Divided.

Yes, America has many races, and a bloody history, but we are not supposed to look at race, creed or religion. We are supposed to look at "Life, Liberty and Freedom".

Have we truly become so hateful that we want to spit on those American men and women that are in "Harms Way" right now as we speak.

Yes, we all have the right to voice our opinions, but remember this, "My rights end where your's begins". That is what so many people have forgotten.

Preston Clark
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Veteran"

Received May 20, 2008 - Published May 21, 2009


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