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RE: Foster Care in Alaska
By Cherry Ferry


May 19, 2009
Tuesday PM

Way to go, Mr. Jackson! I applaud you for putting the harsh reality of "Greed" out there. It's very sad times we live in, even though as Americans - we are spoiled and have many opportunities. But, the fact remains - it is very hard for those of us who haven't had the luxury of a somewhat decent childhood to make a better life for ourselves. And, the people who never have experienced such don't get it. You have to live it to really understand it. Compassion and genuine caring out of the kindness of the heart is becoming a lost act in today's society. It does have a lot to do with money.

Being selfish, greedy and boasting about it, in my opinion ranks right up there with "Evil" and it makes me sick. As, I know quite a few people in this town that consider themselves "The Elite". Ask them, what charity or person have they helped recently. They wouldn't have an answer because it's all about them and how much money they make and how big their houses are, what kind of car they drive and where they're going on their next vacation. At least, they can't take it with them when their time is up or a tragedy happens that money can't help.

The ones at fault are the government, who are in control of our lives and the programs that are supposed to help the less fortunate. The "Greed" begins there and then it's the trickle down effect to some of the people that you would never think would be motivated by the almighty dollar.

The people whose job is to, first of all - thoroughly check out the foster families, oversee and audit where the funds are being spent are the ones who are slacking and greedy themselves.

I am in no way putting all of these people in the same category. Because there are the few that do their jobs well and truly care, but unfortunately they are a minority. The whole judicial system is a mockery - it's "who you know or how much you got".

I think it's absurd that you had to pay the court fees, which is run by the State and the enrollment fees for college. Those expenses should have come from what the State pays.

Another program I see as another form of "Greed" which is not used properly, is the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend. How fortunate for us Alaskan residents to get this money every year and not have to do anything to receive it. I think that it should be mandatory that the PFD or at least 1/2 should go into a trust for all minors, until they become legal age. Then, this would allow some of the children that are born into dysfunctional homes, such as alcoholism, drug addiction, physical, sexual and mental abuse to have a chance to make a better life for themselves. I do understand that families need additional money and help, but - hey - there's no other state that receives this benefit and those families manage somehow.

I know of a family that consist of 2 adults, 5 children and the father used ALL of their PFD's to buy a new, top of the line snowmobile. Then, had the nerve to steal oil from his in-laws for heat in the winter. What is wrong with this picture?? That's just one scenario, just like yours!

It's an outrage that the money that's given to help our youth, is not being managed properly and that it is not being accounted for.

I hope that you will continue enlightening people to the cold hard facts and just maybe, your voice will be the one heard and make a difference in the lives of many unfortunate young people in similar situations as you.

Matt, you obviously are a very kind hearted, hard working young man and a role model for so many "lost young souls".

I always keep the young ones in prayer and hope that you remain on the right path, speak from the heart and follow your dreams.


Cherry Ferry
Ketchikan, AK

Received May 17, 2008 - Published May 19, 2009


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