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By Jeremy Price


May 14, 2009

I am sick to death of secession being painted as such a dastardly act, when come to think of it, our nation was born from secession.

To Mr. Hanger's point of the civil war ending all future possibilities of states having the ability to disengage from the union, I would simply ask; should all endeavors of independence be put aside at the onset of a defeat? I know you want to keep up the picture that all the south wanted was slavery to be kept alive, and that the notion of states acting as independent governments as guaranteed by our constitution was just some marketing technique dreamed up by some southern historian trying to paint his evil side with at least some decency in his cause. Well sir, you are living in ignorance. Your statement about only blacks being enslaved in this country speaks to this. Do just a little reading and you will easily uncover that many peoples were caught in the awful business of slavery.

Also interesting to note, that slavery was outlawed first in the south. Yes, the benevolent north sought abolishment of slavery first in the south before they themselves would do so. However I am not writing today to educate you on common misconceptions of our history as a nation, but rather to address the issue of state secession in our current plight. You see I am from Texas, a state rich in its own history as well a major player in the union we are a part of.

One of the major poll researchers recently took a survey in which the question was asked, "Would you like to see Texas secede?" and what a big surprise, something like 75% of Texans said no. The misconception I believe is that anyone who mentions secession is branded as some kind of rebel and a threat to our nation, when anyone I have ever come in contact with who considers the idea of a state disengaging itself from the union does understand it would be only as a last ditch effort to save some part of our Nation. Texans don't want to see our state secede, just look at the poll right?

On the other hand if the question had been phrased slightly different I thinks the results would be stark. Would you support the state of Texas dissolving its ties to the union if Washington continues on the path of regulating in-state legislative processes not granted by the constitution? It's just a hunch, but I think the results would be a 180 from what this poll found. We don't want to see the dissolution of our great country, but we see it happening whether we like it or not.

Now I ask you this, if the ship is sinking and someone mentions the life boat, would you disparage with such utter contempt their desire to keep what little they could afloat, would you mock them form abandoning the ship? Sir you may bail till you drown. As for me, if I can help with the life boats, I will count it my patriotic duty.

Jeremy Price
Texarkan, TX


Received May 13, 2008 - Published May 14, 2009


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