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RE: Foster Care in Alaska
By Charlene Burns


May 14, 2009

I am sorry that Mr. Jackson has been hurt by this news of the mass amounts of money that is being used in some facets of our foster care system. I would be just as devastated as you are if I had found out similar news about my caregivers.

I also know that what you speak of is true. I know there is a great amount of money that is used to pay foster parents (some of them). And I do agree with you that some are in it for the wrong reason. But after reading your clip I felt the need to explain that not all foster parents receive that kind of money, and I still haven't figured out exactly why that amount of money is needed for the care of our kids. I wish also that there was some way to have a bank account for kids like you so that you can have a fresh start when you are finally on your own. I imagine the frustration must be overwhelming!

I want you to know however that not all foster parents are in it for the same reason. Please consider giving some of these families the benefit of the doubt. I for one have never seen that kind of money in my foster parenting. I usually receive around $550/month to help pay for the expenses of the child. I'm just putting that number out there to show you that not all are receiving the money you are speaking of.

I wish you luck with everything you are doing! Knowing a kid like you has survived the system, and is accomplishing something is so very hopeful!

Charlene Burns
Ketchikan, AK

About: "I'm a licensed foster parent."

Received May 12, 2008 - Published May 14, 2009


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