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Responses to my letters
By Charles Edwardson


May 12, 2009

For some reason some of my letters make it to this publication and some do not. I do not know if they are screened or not but it seems that some of my more polite letters make it on right away and some of the more sarcastic letters do not make it at all. In any case sarcasm is not a reason to discount the content of an opinion.

There have been positive and negative responses to my letters and some like Michael Naab's that just did not read the whole letter at all.

The KPU Phone division letter I wrote did not conclude that the phone division sale was a done deal, or that the sale of the phone company was a 'forgone conclusion" as Naab said. His statement read like a defense of the whole shady process that is occurring,

The letter he is referring to outlined concerns about discussions of this sale behind closed doors, it referred to the attitude of our government and management that they are portraying to the staff at KPU PHONE DIVISION, you tell them that this is not a "forgone conclusion" and ask them why they (some of them) feel that it is. Why do "SOME" employees feel threatened to talk about this issue? Why is this subject even on the table, who directed this discussion, what is the motivation to sell ,etc, etc and why is the public only hearing sound bites?

I was being "sarcastic"when I requested that my share of the sale of the phone company be sent to me via cashier's check (come on it was not that hard to follow).

I also realize this would logically be put before the voters unless it could be devised and construed as a fiscal emergency and made to sound like it is putting Ketchikan in a perilous position if we do not sell the phone division this would put it in the realm of council authority (potentially) not requiring a public vote????' (Those are question marks not statements of fact for those who think I am making forgone conclusions), follow along .

My previous letter was in the form of questions without answers. Some sound bites in my letter referred to the Faulkenburg report, and responses like Naab's concern me as to how I am articulating my concerns on this particular issue. His optimistic view of how things should work are admirable but may be disappointing. My concern is that the process he described is a script that should be followed ,but sometimes governments follow their own script. And to blindly trust that a proper, logical, polite, morale, and legal script will always be followed is not always a correct assumption -- and you know what is said about ASSumptions. Complacency is what concerns me the most. While we should trust our local governments we should always verify the actions of our governments to be the will of the people. (trust but verify is what I learned from a veteran KIC councilman and this is our job, trust but verify)

Charles Edwardson
Ketchikan, AK

About: "bothered by complacency"

Received May 12, 2008 - Published May 12, 2009


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