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Coastal Alaska Forest Regrowth
By Charlotte Tanner


May 09, 2009

Thank you Mr. Stump for your attempt at "enlightening" me. I tend to agree with you on your assessment of your grandmother, she is over mature. Just as a tree that has fallen and decayed on the forest floor for a few decades could be called over mature, but to call a standing tree "over mature" is rather pre mature in my humble opinion.

I have a few more questions. You say "When I took a couple from New York on a charter trip around Revilla in the mid '90's, I had to chuckle when they asked why some of the forest was so much more green and pretty, and other areas had grey and dying trees." If what you say is the truth, and the area they were pointing out had been recently logged, then I expect the greenery they were observing was the mighty Alder tree. Alder trees are certainly green I grant you that. Are you sure that it was not this humble tree that they were looking at?

Also, why does the Logging "industry" (or whatever it is) insist on wanting to cut more and more Old Growth, if, as you say, this second growth is so much better, greener, and healthier. I think I am understanding you to say that this Maybeso Creek is the perfect candidate for another logging effort, so let us confine our efforts to the logging of Maybeso Creek.

As you see, we can both agree on that. Thank you for your enlightenment.

Charlotte Tanner
Ketchikan, AK

Received May 07, 2008 - Published May 09, 2009


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