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Governor Palin Signs FY2009 Budgets
Vetoes $269 Million


May 27, 2008

Friday, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin signed into law House Bill 310, the FY2009 Operating Budget; House Bill 312, the FY2009 Mental Health Operating and Capital Budget; and Senate Bill 221, the FY2009 Capital Budget. The Governor also signed House Bill 314, authorizing $315 million in general obligation bonds for transportation projects to appear before voters on the November 2008 general election ballot.

The FY2009 Operating Budget Bill totals $11.1 billion and includes funding for public education, the university system, public health and safety, transportation and resource development. In signing the bill, the Governor committed to saving at least $20 million in state agencies' operating budgets.

In a prepared statement Governor Palin said, "In this time of unprecedented resource revenue, we have an opportunity to address needed deferred maintenance, transportation and infrastructure projects." Palin said. "Alaska is blessed to invest in education, public safety and revenue sharing for our communities and citizens while putting a significant amount of surplus revenues into savings."

"I commend legislators for committing $5 billion to savings and for focusing a significant portion of their proposed spending on the key priorities of public safety, education and infrastructure. I appreciate that legislators acknowledged that nothing in this budget was veto-proof. Our comprehensive review of the budgets confirmed that those legislators who prioritized projects made a concerted effort to follow new guidelines in making changes to the budget process and we appreciate their desire to do things better."

"This administration takes its fiscal responsibility seriously," Governor Palin said. "Especially during this time of extraordinary revenue, we must be responsible stewards of Alaska's resources to prepare for the future."

Commissioners are developing strategies to achieve this savings target within the budget beginning on July 1. Savings achieved during the fiscal year will roll into the Constitutional Budget Reserve fund at the end of FY2009. The governor removed $2.6 million in the operating budget through line-item veto.

Also signed was HB 312, the Mental Health Operating and Capital Budget.

"This legislation is a cooperative effort between state agencies and the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority which has made a positive difference for Alaska's mental health beneficiaries," Governor Palin said. The comprehensive mental health program bill totals $189.6 million and was signed into law as passed by the legislature.

Governor Palin also signed the Capital Budget Bill, SB 221, which totals $3.6 billion.

"This capital budget contains a significant number of projects that will help communities across the state address deferred maintenance to improve infrastructure. It provides the tools the private sector needs to grow and thrive," Governor Palin said.

Following a thorough review of the budget, many projects requested by the legislature were partially funded, noted as one-time only or marked for future consideration. Projects with local bond approval or other matching funds received greater consideration in the budget process. In all, $268 million was vetoed from the budget bills.

"The budgets will provide needed services, will leverage other funds and will make a significant investment in Alaska's future," Governor Palin said. "Now, I look forward to working with lawmakers as we pursue our shared goal of building a gas line."

Pre Veto/ Post Veto for Some of House District 1 Projects
FY08 & FY09 Capital Projects for the Draft Released Friday

Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority - Ketchikan Shipyard Power Generation & Infrastructure Improvements $3,000,000

Coffman Cove - Purchase Boat Hauler: Pre Veto $225,000; Post Veto $0
Coffman Cove - Upgrade and Expand Fingers on City Float $125,000
Hollis - Hollis Volunteer Fire Department & EMS Emergency Service Facilities Pre Veto $226,538; Post Veto $0

Ketchikan (City of) - City of Ketchikan Fire Station No. 1 Replacement Project Pre Veto $5,328,216; Post Veto $0
Ketchikan (City of) - Design of Baranof Water Reservoir Replacement $150,000
Ketchikan (City of) - Ketchikan General Hospital Surgical Suite Expansion/Relocation Pre Veto $4,400,000; Post Veto $0

Ketchikan (City of) - Ketchikan Libraries Books and Supplies $16,00
Ketchikan (City of) - Port of Ketchikan Berths I and II Replacement Project $3,000,000
Ketchikan Gateway Borough - Completion Of The Fawn Mountain Sports Field Pre Veto $1,000,00; Post Veto $500,000

Ketchikan Gateway Borough - International Airport Parking Improvements (Paving, Curbing, Striping) $850,000
Ketchikan Gateway Borough - Ketchikan Indian Community Education And Cultural Center Pre Veto $75,000; Post Veto $0
Ketchikan Gateway Borough - Public Works Vehicle Purchase Pre Veto $50,000; Post Veto $0
Ketchikan Gateway Borough - Regional Fire Training Center for Southern Southeast Alaska Pre Veto $691,900; Post Veto $0
Ketchikan Gateway Borough - South Tongass Fire Department Fire Station, Phase II $2,040,000
Ketchikan General Hospital - Replacement Coagulation Analyzer $48,500
Ketchikan General Hospital - Replacement Of Outdated Equipment $70,000

Ketchikan Little League, Inc. - Batting Cages and Indoor Training Facility Pre Veto $160,000; Post Veto $0
Ketchikan Rod & Gun Club - Facility Improvements Pre Veto $44,000; Post Veto $25,000

Ketchikan Senior Citizens, Inc. - Access Road for Pioneer Heights Pre Veto $400,000; Post Veto $100,000
Ketchikan Visitors Bureau - Visitor Information Center at Berth Three $20,000

Rainbird Community Broadcasting Corporation - Planning and Design for Replacement Facility $30,000

Saxman - Saxman Community Center Visitor and Cruise Passenger Facility Improvements $1,500,000
Saxman - Saxman Seaport Pre Veto $750,000; Post Veto $0
Saxman - Saxman Totem Pole Restoration Pre Veto $175,000; Post Veto $0

Thorne Bay - Cemetery Acquisition & Development Pre Veto $25,000; Post Veto $0
Thorne Bay - Upgrade of Southside Subdivision Road $191,000

Ketchikan Correctional Center Project $1,000,000

Ketchikan Gateway Borough School District - Schoenbar Middle School Repair and Remediation $436,095
Ketchikan Gateway Borough School District Playground Safety Upgrades - Houghtaling, Valley Park, & Pt. Higgins Elementary Schools $44,871
Playground Safety Upgrades - Houghtaling, Valley Park and Pt. Higgins Elementary Schools $583,322
Schoenbar Middle School Repair and Remediation $5,669,235
Southeast Island School District - School Vehicle Pre Veto 45,000; Post Veto $0
Thorne Bay K-12 School Structural Repairs $517,440

Coffman Cove: Design and Construction of Water and Sewer Facilities $2,006,033
Saxman: Design and Construction of Water and Sewer Facilities $496,950
Saxman: Design and Construction of Water and Sewer Facilities $660,201
Saxman: Water Treatment Plant $480,000

Ketchikan Pioneer Home $253,900
Ketchikan Youth Facility $223,300

Black Sands Beach State Marine Park Shelter and Outhouse Replacement Pre Veto $11,500; Post Veto $0
Settlers Cove State Park Facilities Upgrades and Road Repair $50,000
Settlers Cove State Park Parking Lot Expansion Pre Veto: $50,000; Post Veto $0
Totem Bight State Park Totem Pole Access Road $25,000

Ketchikan Trooper Office Deferred Maintenance $65,000

Coffman Cove Maintenance Station $980,000
Ketchikan: Harriet Hunt Lake to Shelter Cove, Road Construction $10,000,000
Knudson Cove Harbor Reconstruction - Ketchikan $350,000

North Tongass Highway - Totem Bight to Whipple Creek Pre Veto$10,400,000; Post Veto $0
North Tongass Highway - Ward Cove to Refuge Cove - Pavement Rehabilitation and Drainage Improvements $8,900,000

Alaska Court System Ketchikan Court and Office Building $600,000

Ketchikan (HD 1) Combined Total 2009:

Pre Veto $65,251,043
Post Veto $43,134,389
Difference: -$12,016,654


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