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Totem to Totem May 10th Race Results


May 12, 2008

Men and Women Runners

1st Place Rory Jenkins 1:22.20
2nd Place Max Mercer 1:35.59
3rd Place Coleman Alquire 1:36.59
4th Place Mathew Caskey 1:37.56
5th Place Bill Elberson 1:39.10
6 Place Larson Thomas 1:41.32
7th Place Dan Patton 1:44.37
8th Place Kenneth Teune 1:44.14
9th Place Steve McCleary 1:46.12
10th Place Tim Currall 1:48.59
11th Place Bernie Hendricks 2:00.12
12th Place Aaron King 2:20.39

Women Runners

1st Place Ren'ee Schneider 2:20.47
2nd Place Amy LaSage 3:06.40

Four Member Relay

1st Place: 2:23.27

David Miller
Ann Froeschle
Eileen Truitt
Angie Taggart

Two Member Relay

1st Place: 2:31.40

Blake Messer
Julie Spigenyre

2nd Place: 2:34.16

Kym Starno
Kathryn Doster

3rd Place: 2:42:27

Mark Raine
Crystal Skillie

All Walkers

1st Place: Elizabeth Richardson 2:57.32
2n Place Gail Klein 3:02:27
3rd Place Charlie Sneller 3.14:46
4th Place Katrina Cantera 3.32:38
4th Place Deborah Anderson 3:32.38
4th Place Erin Pressley 3.32.38
4th Place Cecilia DuPree 3:32.38
5th Place Christie Willet 3:36.38
6th Place John Karrick 3:37.44
7th Place Tracy Hildebrandt 3:39.03
7th Place Kathy Sneller 3:39.03
8th Place Mark Karrick 3:40.57
9th Place Sharli Hayter 4:12.26
9th Place DeAnn Turner 4:12.26
9th Place Kris Flora 4:12.26

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