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If only cars ran on political hot air ...
By Mark Neckameyer


May 25, 2008

Washington would be supplying the world instead of begging hat in hand for the kind Saudis to rescue us. The TV shows are in re-run, football season hasn't started and I don't like baseball so I am stuck watching the buffoons who pass for our Senators and Congressmen (sorry, the Democrats are the dumbest ones!) make believe that they are asking "hard questions" of oil execs to somehow prove that the oil companies are "profiteering", whatever that means. They are so incredibly stupid in real life. They all look so clever in the ads they run all Summer to get re-elected but they are so much dumber than dirt trying to think on their feet or on their ample behinds is more accurate. If they were smart they would stay off live TV.

OK, so the price of oil is way up because we are too dumb to drill or refine or use nuclear energy or figure out how to gasify coal or whatever. Congressmen serve a few years for maybe three terms if they are lucky and Senators who are usually older serve two or three six year terms unless their name is Kennedy and they are anointed for life. Maybe as it takes fifteen years or so to explore, drill and build more refineries, the current political morons figure it won't help them politically long term so they whine about the oil companies instead? If we had drilled more in the 1970s and 1080s we would be awash in oil now instead of staying home for Memorial day, right? Or maybe our "leaders" are doing the right thing for us. Maybe they are saving our oil and letting OPEC and he Arabs sell theirs until it runs out. Then we will be in charge with all our oil wells virgin and we can order them to let women drive and stop chopping off heads. Hmmmmmm?

Corporations are supposed to make as much money as they LEGALLY can. If they stop trying it is up to the shareholders; mutual fund managers, investors, retirement fund gurus to kick them out and get someone else. If they pay themselves more than they are worth ... Same remedy. Where do the profits of oil companies go? They are divided up among all the folks who have IRAs and 401Ks ... Just about all of us Americans! ExXon and Texaco/Mobile are in all the index funds and "big stock" funds and 401K "fund families". The oil companies have been investigated a million times by the FBI, SEC, FDA and NAACP I and they are clean ... And smart. Law makers on the other hand are stupid and probably crooked too.

I had to shut off my TV when the Honorable Congresswoman from Florida was told by the wise oil exec that the solution lay in drilling more. She responded something about not wanting to "ruin" pristine Florida beaches and screw up their number one industry, tourism. DUHH Congresswoman, how is anyone supposed to get to Florida these days? By sail boat? We sure don't have enough oil to fly or drive, thank you Congresswoman!

Mark Neckameyer
Irvine, CA

Received May 25, 2008 - Published May 25, 2008



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