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Getting Spammed!
By Scott Willis


May 17, 2008

Are you getting UCE or Unsolicited Commercial Email, better known as SPAM? Well, if you are a KPU customer with a .KPUNET.NET email account, then maybe I can help you filter some of that out.
Here's what you do:

Go to

In the NAME field, type in your username example: Fluffy
In the PASSWORD field, type in your email password example: Rabbit
Then enter the information by clicking on the LOGIN button

This will take you to your internet email that you can access from any computer anywhere in the world!
Now at the top of the window look for SpamFilter
Click on that link and your may see general opinions
(Note that if you have not set your SPAM FILTER you will be asked to start it, click yes)
Now we are on the same page
We are going to change the Required Hits from 5.0 to 3.15 in the box on the right
Leave everything the same and change the last column to "delete spam"

Save changes and you should block most of those unwanted emails.

Now go to your inbox by clicking on INBOX
Don't just delete those unwanted emails just yet
Click on the blue underline link of the undesired email
At the top of the page you will see options: white list and blacklist
If you want to block the sender only then blacklist sender
If you want to block all email from the domain example: then select blacklist domain or select both sender and domain.
This should stop this SPAMMER from sending another to your email.
Note* if you block domain in any of these fields, all email from will be blocked.

About the SPAM Terrorist that is using KPUNET as his target domain, rest assure I and your friends at KPU Telephone are hunting this person down like a dog and plan to get real ugly on the person or person that are menacing our valued subscribers!

Remember! KPU, nor any legitimate company, will never ask for your passwords in an unsecured manner, nor should you ever send username and passwords over email It's just not done!

If you feel that you may have sent your private info out, please call 611 ASAP so we can get your password changed and protect you from those that want to do harm to you.

At KPU Telephone as employees, we care about you and your service. If you are having problems in any way, please call 611 and tell us. We want to help you.

Call 611 from any KPU telephone or dial 225-2111 to reach The KPU Trouble and Repair from 8:00am until 9:00pm M-F and 11:00am until 9:00pm Saturday and Sunday.

Scott Willis
Ketchikan, AK

Received May 16, 2008 - Published May 17, 2008


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