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Sale of KPU Telecom
By James Schenk


May 04, 2008

In my professional opinion the administrators of the public trust company should be ashamed of themselves for this despicable action of even considering the elimination, or sale of many good paying public union jobs for their own gain. This is a disturbing trend in Ketchikan and the public needs to rise up and voice their displeasure with any decision like this that would adversely affect the stability of our great city.These carpetbaggers have been a part of Ketchikan since its inception, but there is absolutely no reason to stand on the sidelines and watch these people sell our children's future. The industry as a whole in the electrical field grows by leaps and bounds with the telecommunications field leading the way.

ANY JOB in Ketchikan should be a good paying Union Job, if we as a generation are going to change America, let's start with our Town, let's have the highest standard of living in Alaska, not sub par employment, and low paying non-union jobs. Let us as a community of people begin to dedicate our energy collectively, to Organize and retain all good paying Union Jobs,and send a message to those who oppose that end that they need to look at the whole picture not their own financial interests.

Thank You. Fraternally I.B.E.W. member,

James Schenk
Ketchikan, AK

About: I am a resident of Ketchikan. I am a 20 year member of the I.B.E.W. and have worked extensivley in the electrical field around the country, and Hawaii.

Received April May, 2008 - Published May 04, 2008


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